Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Do I Love Reading Blogs?

I am quite partial to writings of others. I enjoy reading about gardening escapades. I shamelessly indulge in foodie/cooking blogs, horsey blogs, self sustainable blogs and straw bale blogs. Rest assured, if you write ANYTHING about these topics, I am in like Flynn, stickybeaking around and whiling away a good couple of hours devouring your words. I am a word stalker.

I mean, come on, how can you seriously look past Hazels Buns of Steel, her potage garden or the Cooks AMAZING offerings. Or Alison Sampsons Idea of Home. I do not have children, nor have any forseeable plans to have any, but her writing is just beautiful. It is so easy to get lost in her musings, poignant, funny and soul-searching. She takes me back to when I was a child and the things I used to do. Those squirreled away memories come flooding back and I find myself laughing out loud as her children, and no doubt everyone elses, are exactly the same as I was at that same age.

Dom´s lovely blog tugs at my Standardbred Horsey Heart as does, Standardbred Excellence and Now Thats a Trot. These fantastic blogs remind me why I love the Standardbred horse. They are a beautiful and talented breed of horse that is greatly underestimated and under-valued. Once my boy, Cash, is back in action, hopefully I will be contributing to raising the awareness of the breed as a talented allrounder in the horse world.

Frugal Queens blog is one womans astonishing online journal of eliminating personal debt. Her committment and dedication to achieving this goal is astounding. She shares all of her cost saving measures, recipes, shopping strategies, personal and financial sacrifices to achieve this goal. Hers is a very frank blog.

Reading blogs takes time, BUT, it is time well spent. I am being educated, entertained, exposed to thoughts, ideas, and ideals. My recipe repertoire is constantly being expanded. I get to drool over fantastic food photos, horse photos, garden photos and house photos. I get to share in peoples victories, op shopping finds and money saving tips. All of this education, entertainment and enlightenment has been offered through the writings of others.

Bloggers of the world, stand tall, be proud and blog strong.


  1. To stand tall I'd need a box but I can stretch up a bit! I'd get Joe to lift me but I'd give him a hernia! Bloggings great eh never ceases to amaze me that so manyy people read mine and my family hardly bother! Funny old world innit! :D

  2. I love Blog Land because it's raw and uncensored by the multimedia multinationals for their own ends. It's live autobiographies and everyone is inspiring, witty and wonderful. They don't need to be celebrities to grab my attention.

    Blogs allow me to learn, laugh and even cry with everyday people. We see each other on the street and have no idea how much we would like each other. But Blog Land removes the barrier of stranger and allows us to share ourselves with others.

  3. Quite right! Who needs TV when there are blogs to read?