Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Can Feel a Rant Coming On.

I am sitting here just having worked a string of night shifts and seeing as I am not planning on working tonight I have only had two hours sleep and am feeling quite intolerant. HH calls it Thursday Night Daffodil. He finds this state of Daff very amusing and once I get a bee in my bonnet about something, I get very indignant, opinionated, really loud, very ¨yelly¨ and downright obnoxious.

So what is the object of my indignation today? The tv show ¨Grand Designs¨

What is it with people who mortgage themselves to the hilt to build absolute monstrosities that have five bedrooms, three bathrooms, multiple living areas....and may be an older couple, a DINK couple, or MDATKs. What is it with big houses? A room to sew in, a room to read in, a room to watch TV in, a gym, a room for the occasional guest, a room for the formal lounge, a room for the formal dining dining table that gets used at Christmas time. A room for the childrens toys, a room for dirty clothes, a room to study in, and a spare room that just holds crap....and on this particular episode that I am watching the kitchen has two cooking hobs and THREE ovens. WTF? AAAAAND, they put all of that crap in for pure symmetry of the kitchen build!!!!!

Are big houses built just to hold peoples crap? Projected status symbol? Look at me and my money?

Having said that, I love Kevin McCloud and while I do not watch Grand Designs often, it does keep me entertained as to what people build, why they build and how they justify their mortgages and extravagance. Of course, in the back of my mind I am thinking heating, cooling, cleaning and financing.

...and after all that ranting it amuses me that one of the most popular episodes is Ben Laws house built from timbers sourced from the Prickly Nut Woods in West Sussex, England.

I have seen this episode multiple times and I am gobsmacked everytime I watch it. Ben Laws dedication to building a sustainable ethical house in a protected woods that he will never, ever be able to sell is inspiring.  Despite this clause in his building permit, he continued to build a small organic soulful house for a mere 26,00 pounds. His lovely literally handcrafted home is gorgeous. Do yourself a favour and watch it.

Rant over.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Have You Ever Considered Deleting a Post?

I am seriously considering it.

My most read post is a crappy little post of no literary effort or thought. It is an embarrassing little number concerning Internet Trolls, yet this piece of worded tripe accounts for 25% of my view statistics.

I am not a number cruncher, nor do I view my success by numbers, so I will have to delete the offending post. I am simply letting those readers down who have an active interest in trolls. Not the quality, questioning, intelligent reader that I strive to attract.

You know, the person who has interest in ducks, and eBAY, and straw bale houses and toilets. Classy people.

*runs off giggling to self*