Monday, March 12, 2012

Have You Ever Considered Deleting a Post?

I am seriously considering it.

My most read post is a crappy little post of no literary effort or thought. It is an embarrassing little number concerning Internet Trolls, yet this piece of worded tripe accounts for 25% of my view statistics.

I am not a number cruncher, nor do I view my success by numbers, so I will have to delete the offending post. I am simply letting those readers down who have an active interest in trolls. Not the quality, questioning, intelligent reader that I strive to attract.

You know, the person who has interest in ducks, and eBAY, and straw bale houses and toilets. Classy people.

*runs off giggling to self*


  1. Ha Daffodil - I was so interested to read your troll post after this one! But I resisted. I wouldn't bother deleting your popular post. I didn't know what trolls were when I first started blogging and I remember reading blog posts about it and googling to find out more. So you never know, some classy person might stumble on your blog this way and like it. My most popular post is "who can sex a silkie". I'm pretty sure all those who are googling and come up with my blog post are not readers interested in chooks!

  2. Now I'm curious about the troll post! For a while my most read post is about the doco gasland, except I didn't write much as I kind of work in a similar industry and didn't want it to turn up in future job interview searches about me.... It only has a couple of comments, so I really wonder who is finding it and how disappointed they are when it just says to watch the doco and find out for yourself! Its hard not to watch the stats and wonder why people are reading certain posts!

  3. I've deleted a couple of posts that were poorly written or that I really regretted. It's my blog and my life on show and sometimes I just need to clean it up :-)

  4. Funny how that works isn't it. A bit like the political polls I think.

  5. I have deleted my fair share of blog posts as well on the website of the business my husband and I run. He says he wakes up never knowing from one day to the next if a post that was there the day before is still on the site or not!