Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spreece Geese

After the sad demise of our gorgeous ducks Dr. Drake Ramoray and Charlize Theron, we had decided not to engage the stewardship of any more ducks. However, we were given these two gorgeous beauties to look after by friends who are moving overseas.
How could I refuse?
They are almost regal in appearance, and although they do not chase after me in the orchard, or rip my trouser leg off, or take care of the biosecurity of our dam, they are gorgeous. They are Pomeranian Geese and they look an absolute treat in our orchard, amid our vegie gardens....and on our back porch.
They just need names now. Any suggestions? Hansel and Gretel?


  1. Beautiful! I was tempted by a pair of geese at the last Nanango market, but I had to say no until we have our new property set up. Do you find them easier to control and stay where you put them compared to the ducks?

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! It may be too later, as they seem to respond to ¨Goosey-Goose¨

    As for keeping them, their Goose House is actually a cubby house that we picked up off of eBay. It really needs a paint job, but it does the trick. We have a small enclosed yard for them that has electric tape running around the outside of it at a slinking foxes nose height.

    However, we tend to free range them on our property. We are only on 11 acres, but they only tootle around the orchard and the house paddock. So far, so good.

  3. Jealous! I would love to have some geese, but I don't think our neighbours would be quite so enthusiastic! Yours are very pretty - that white and grey are gorgeous!

  4. Bonnie and Clyde as names came straight to my mind.
    They are a beautiful pair! So glad they aren't the mean aggressive types.