Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Little Op Shop Haul

Having been over to Saving For Travel and reading about her charity shop hauls, I figured it was about time that a) I post something and b) share some of my little second hand finds. The first is my gorgeous set of Daffodil yellow plates and bowls. I LOVE this setting! It is my little piece of summer in the midst of winter.

Next is my little pudding bowls. I adore bowls for eating from, serving from, cooking in or even just putting little treasures. A bowl begs to receive, whether that be nourishment, gifts, love or respect. The humble curves protect precious cargo. Bowls exist to be filled.

My next few finds reveal my shoe fetish, in particular for heels. These purple velvet pointies are lethal and tacky in extremis with their golden cobweb heels. Still, I love them!

The next is a puddle of glam. A lovely beaded sequinned evening purse for the outrageous sum of one dollar. The silver cuff is is peppered with amethyst stones and is quite unlike any other piece of jewellery that I own. Still, I am prepared to live on the edge, a little.

Heels, heels and more heels. The yellow pair were a complete impulse buy. The yellow dinner setting set me off on a tangent of sunshine and these shoes were sitting in an op shop begging to be I did. The pink shoes are simply divine. My kind of prettiness that teams up so well with denim. The grey high heels were another surprise find. I don´t often find shoes in my hoofsize, so when I find them, if I like them, I buy them.

...and one of Rubin, just because he is a big spunk!


  1. So many shiny things!

    I need to stay away from stores like that because I would never have money for anything else...

  2. Well yesterday I had loads to stuff and it only came to £7.50! For a blanket, apron, 5 balls of wool, a book and a mug! Amazing value.

    Daffodil, Love those plates, they look Mediterranean and are perfect for the summer! The dessert bowls are amazing, never seen anything like that! I can't wear heals but yours are great.

    As for Rubin-what a babe!

    Thanks for a great post!


  3. The pudding bowls are so cute!

  4. I'm just pleased to see you put up some photos Daff! ..... and you obviously have the eye for thrifting. Just love all of these. I just love love love that purse. What a stunner.... oh and Rubin is pretty handsome too. cheers Wendy

  5. Ahh NTAT! That is the joy of thrifting, you part with very little money along the way. I also have a pair of black satin Georgio Armani stillettos that were steal at 7.50...I shudder to think about how much I would have paid brand new.

    Yes the little pudding bowls are lovely, but they are just screaming to filled with pudding and steamed in the oven, processed grains are verboten for me right now, so I have to ignore their little tanties to be used!

    Hi Wendy! Yes the purse is gorgeous...and for one dollar, I could not leave it behind. Well, I could have, but it is just so sweet!

  6. Go Daff! Great haul! Rubin is a lovely boy!

  7. Haha, Daffodil -- I am a regular "thrifter." My ponies cost $20 collectively, and I own very little (for them OR me) that I bought new and/or at full price. I just don't need any more encouragement... ;)

  8. LOL NTAT! I know what you mean, I am a compulsive opshopper. If I see one when I am out in my car, it takes all of my willpower not to stop immediately in the middle of the road and rush inside.

    I do take my time to find a car park...and then I hit the pavement running.

    I have actually had to take a break from op-shopping as my poor little house is overflowing with cookbooks (my latest obsession) and crockery. Not to mention shoes and jackets. I live by the hypothesis that ¨If it is winter, Then one cannot have too many jackets¨

    Apparently, one can, and I am loathe to admit to that!

  9. Those plates are just gorgeous and I love the pudding bowls. Nice haul.

  10. Love your description of bowls.........shall look at them in a new light now.

    Love the heels you bagged at the oppy............haven't worn any for a while, but I'm inspired by your haul, so shall keep an eye out for some.

    I would love to know what Rubin was thinking when you took that pic, he seems very focused on something.

    Claire :}

  11. Hi Claire, my love of bowls actually stems from ¨Everyday Sacred¨ by Sue Bender that was given to me by a now lost friend who lives in Naples.

    As much as I love my bowls (and I have MANY) and the importance I place on them as vehicles for holding, nurturing, storing and receiving, those bowls are actually me. I am very good at giving, but I am terrible at receiving. One of my many character flaws.

    I have to work very hard at being a bowl.

  12. Fantastic loot Daff!! Such sunny happy pieces, craving spring? :) Me too!! Love to see what you put in those pudding bowls!

  13. I am counting the days until spring, Mrs Bok. The days are getting longer, the sun already has that little extra bite of springly heat to it. Bring On The Spring!

    My apple trees are patiently waiting out the cold, but I know there will be a flurry of blossoming. The artichokes will go wild. The vacated pig paddock will be overrun with pumpkins. for those gorgeous little pudding bowls, I have been trawling my cook books for a suitable recipe to christen them with. HH is hanging out for a raspberry pudding. I will just have to forgo that and enjoy the cooking process!