Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yes, I am back in the saddle on my pony and loving it simply because I have a new saddle that both of us love. I have a beautiful KN Symphonie Dressage Saddle that I comfy, the leather is beautiful it looks an absolute treat on any horse. However Cash decided that despite a few professional fittings that he was not going to have a bar of it. Out came the treeless saddle. He loves it. I hate it. It was further exacerbating my almost constant back pain. I didn´t ride. He went biggie. I was faced with retiring him.

Then our chiro vet assessed Cash, recommended popping him in hoof boots and getting out there and riding him. My lower back groaned at the thought. I used every excuse under the sun NOT to ride Cash. (It is really all the treeless saddles fault!)

Then I got trapped at work by the rally organiser who railroaded me into joining the Standardbred Riding Group which meant that I would have to get in the saddle again. Which I did and hated it.

I attended riding group with my lovely steed and we both had a blast.

Then my riding instructor, who hates the treeless saddle as much as I do, tried her saddle on Cash and lo and behold it fitted and he was a very happy camper.

Then I happened across one of these saddles second hand, had a riding lesson in it....and I fell in love with horse riding all over again. While I began the riding lesson with spasming lower back pain, I ended the lesson pain free. I am STILL pain free. This saddle may just save me spending money on specialists that I pay to keep me upright and walking. It has already saved me $65 this week alone.


What a saddle.


  1. That is a wow! Talk about win win!

  2. Nothing like a good saddle to fix your day :)

  3. Ooo do you have a picture of it? Let's see this magnificent piece of tack!

  4. Fantastic! You could hire the saddle out as alternate therapy for bad backs :D
    So glad you're loving riding again.

  5. So happy for you. Wow is right!

    Sft x

  6. Win win all right! Well done - for every problem there is a solution it seems. Photo? cheers Wendy

  7. That's fantastic about your back pain! Sounds like an all around great fix :) I got your email and loved all the information, I'll be emailing you back soon!