Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daffodils Buns.....

of steel!!!! NOT!!!!!

I have noticed that bread has been rather painful for me over the last few months. So I am now on a spelt flour kick to get my bread fix.

This is my latest baking effort. Spelt Wholemeal buns with a kick-butt amount of extra goodies that resulted in bread with a crunchy crust (DELISH!) and a chewy substantial inner. Jam packed with seedy flavour, it is my new bread fave, and comes without the abdominal bloating, moaning and groaning.

HH reckons he could build a house out of them. I love my "Brick Bread"!!!!

Are there others out there who have developed a late onset gluten or other food sensitivity?


  1. I cut a lot of starches out of my diet this past year in an effort to eat healthier... I did lose weight and felt a lot better! But now I do notice a sensitivity to gluten and such. I've realized it's not a new development, but since bread, pasta, grains, etc were always a large chunk of my diet, I never put two and two together. I just wish it weren't so expensive/inconvenient to work around.

  2. I know the pocket pain for that as well! Protein and three vegetables seems to be the way to go. However I love a bread roll during my night shifts. It is easy to pack, doesn't need fancy trimmings and tastes brilliant.

    At least the spelt grain is far less irritating to my digestive tract. There is still just a little twinge of discomfort (maybe it is all in my head) but it does give me the option of occasionally having my "cake" and eating it too!

  3. HH here. For the record let me state that I think Daffodil has fantastic buns.

  4. Great buns Daff. I make them like that also so we have that much in common lol! The last lot I made and took along to a lunch ending up looking like cow pats. I thought they were rather artistic but .....
    Re the gluten, no we're not, but I feel that DH is a little to wheat so we try to use anything except wheat. Plus I think wheat is used to much in anything, but then so is corn.
    I like the taste of gluten-free, not sure why. cheers Wendy

  5. I've been fiddling with my diet over the past year or so, I think I've always had a problem with gluten if I had too much, or too much of the "white" stuff- overprocessed. I've (mostly) taken gluten out of my diet for the past couple of months, and have noticed the difference. I've also cut back a lot on sugar, so I think that helps too. My energy levels have come up a bit, but changing the diet has coincided with my eldest daughter starting prep, and my youngest daughter weaning, so it's hard to separate. I've found that sourdough is a better option too, mostly because it has to rise for so long, so in effect it soaks the grains. I made my own sourdough starter last year, but the resulting bread was not great. I'm resigned to the fact that if I eat bread, it has to be good quality, and not often. I still make bread for my family though, I do enjoy it. Great blog!

    1. Hi Alicia! Thanks for dropping by! I still cannot believe how painful gluten is for me. I always thought I had a cast iron constitution, alas, no more. Spelt flour helps, as does khorasan flour.