Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Birdies in the Windows

Having a straw bale house automatically means we have deep set windows. Had I put more thought into and not been blown away by look of curved walls, I would have made every window into a window seat.

This is something that you may consider if you are ever building a straw bale house.

All of our south facing windows are narrow and tall. Double glazed, of course.

If you ever come to visit us you can expect to see two boxers in the bathroom window with front paws up on the window sill. Not a good look for our render. So rather than undo the render and rebuild the lot with timber window seats, I came across some lovely little painted wooden birds with repurposed recycled pressed metal fanned tails and set them into the window sills.

They look pretty and they make one hell of a racket when they are knocked over onto the tiled floor by enthusiastic boxers.

The bird in the bathroom window has only eaten tile once. The boxers beat a very hasty retreat when she hit the bathroom floor. They are very respectful of her now. She looks out the window with quiet dignity remaining unmolested by scared boxers when people come visiting.

I like my little birdies in the windows.


  1. Very cute! And I love the door in the window reflection! Very cool!

    OH AND YOUR BED IS AMAZING! How could anyone get sick of it?

  2. Very nice birdie too. So that is the inside right? Do you have any windows set in the reverse with the sill on the outside?

  3. They are cute little training tools for the boxers.

    Phoebe - HH didn't want me to post of the photos he took of my little birdies...he is a perfectionist, but I am not fussed by any perceived imperfections. Yeah, it is a stunning, stunning bed. I wake up every morning and exclaim, "I love this bed, it is sooo gorgeous!"

    Fiona - we don't have any windows set to the reverse as rain would pool on the sill and seep into the straw. By having the windows set almost flush to the outside reduces the surface area for water to pool. It can be done, but you need very wide eaves to protect those sills from weathering.

  4. I just diecovered your blog and am so looking forward to following it. I have always wanted to live in a straw bale house and wondered what it would be like. Thank you for sharing.