Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Little Straw Bale House - a Reintroduction.....

I have once again been AWOL and cannot believe how time has flown since my last very sad post.
To rekick start my blogging, which I do really enjoy, here is a post I wrote a LOOONG time ago but never got around to posting.

Our house is very small. It is two bedrooms and one bathroom, an open plan kitchen/dining/lounge room and a small laundry.

Housework takes no time. I love that about small houses. We have plans to add on a real dining room and a master suite, but that will happen when we have recovered from building the first half. We are approaching this like child birth. You labour through one, swear/scream on everyones grave that you will never do it again, forget about the pain and go in for seconds. Madness, I know.

Being owner builders has allowed us the freedom to build without having to go through a bank. When we have the money, we do something else to the house. So our personal debt is next to nothing. It has meant roughing it for the first 2 years. We actually lived in a cute little shed built by HH with no running water. Our bathroom was another little shed where we set up a bath picked up off of eBay for next to nothing and a small gas powered hot water system that served us with piping hot showers for those first two years. Our cooking facilities were a little two burner gas camping oven and a portable induction cooktop. Even with limited space we still churned out fantastic meals.

Would I do it again?

No, I don´t think so. I love my little house and I love my little 11 acres. There has been so much love, anger, disappointment, jubilation and satisfaction that has gone into our little house that it would be difficult to just sell up and have someone simply move in without understanding the joy AND the struggle that we have gone through. Even now I am sitting back typing this post and loving being sheltered by a house that HH and I have literally built ourselves. Sure it needs a final coat of render and other finishing touches. We are very proud of our little house and love showing it off.

Home is where the heart is and our little home has a huge heart.


  1. aww Daff, so great to have you back! I'd love to see more of your place! Small houses are the best!

  2. Welcome back! So great to see you here again, I have missed your tales from the farm. Would love to see some photos of the house.

  3. Awwww shucks...thanks for the welcome back fellow bloggers.

    Phoebe, I do love a small house, and especially my little house. I will be posintg a few pics of it over the next couple of weeks.

    FDU, trust me, I will. There have been a few eBay purchases which just suit the house so well, and goodwill have some of our donated old furniture.

    Fiona, I think it is great to be back. I had alot go on last year and found stepping up to the blogging plate just a little too much to take on.

  4. Reading about your efforts in building your house is inspirational - good luck.