Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Memento

Every time I travel overseas...or anywhere for that matter, I am always on the lookout for a little something that will remind me of my travels. It is usually something for my house. I can look at the item and be transported back to to the place I purchased it.

My last little travel memento was a pair of cushion covers I purchased from the small boutique shop of the gorgeous little boutique hotel "Life in Amed" in Amed, East Bali. I fell in love with "Life". The villas were so beautifully designed and presented it was like staying in a friends luxury home.

The owner was delightful, very open and engaging and with a huge generous heart. During our stay she came to visit her own establishement (she lives in Ubud) she was accompanied by her newly adopted 3 or 4 week old kitten she had rescued from a tree stump. This is one little kitten that has landed on all four paws. On a tour of the owners house we were admiring the view from her upstairs bedroom when the little kitten came jumping into view trying to get up on the owners bed. Set up on a very luxurious grey silk coverlet was a bowl of kitty milk, a bowl of kitty kibble and a bowl of kitty water.....and a very sweet little kitty lapping up the luxury.

...but back to those cushion covers They were the exact same cushion covers that were in our room in the villa we stayed at it. I can look at them now and I am transported back to Amed, the sun is high in the sky and it is really hot. The ceiling fan swooshes the air around and the smell of the ocean is at our doorstep filling our ears with the sound of sea as the waves gently lap the shore. Later in the afternoon we migrate out to the pool and chat with an American couple on their honeymoon. The water in the pool is cool and refreshing. Even later still we walk out onto the beach and watch the children of the village playing soccer. Their cries of delight fill the twilight and we search for a place for our evening meal. Fish caught fresh that day and peppered with local herbs and spices and accompanied by an ice cold beer and the company of family.

Two little cushion covers sitting on my bed catch my eye again and I am back in paradise.

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