Sunday, January 29, 2012

An eBay Bed in a Straw Bale House

I have a penchant for things of beauty. I am not a trendsetter, nor am I trend follower. I like what I like because something about it sings to my soul. My house is not a standard 4 bed 2 bath brick veneer that looks like every other house on the street. It is a little bit quirky, a little bit old, a little bit new, a little bit bartered and alot recycled, second hand, scrounged, eBayed or gifted.

My bed is no different. It is quite unlike anything I have ever seen. It was handcrafted by Kevin Burnett of Red Falcon Wrought Iron works down in Melbourne over 20 years ago. It is stunning and it is immense. This four poster beauty defies housing in a modern house. It stands an impressive 2.4 metres high. Our bedrooms only saving grace is its 3.5 metre high ceilings. The bed head alone weighs more than 75kgs. It is one monster of a bed surround. For some it would be Beauty AND the Beast. We never want to move it again.

It was listed on eBay at a buy it now price that I could not argue with. The seller had originally commissioned the piece all of those years ago, and was only recently looking to change the style of his bedroom suite. Twenty years with the same bed surround is a very long time these days, where many people change the look of their house almost as often as they change their underwear.

...and sitting on my bed are two little cushion covers that I purchased in Bali....

To put it simply, I love this bed surround, it is elegant and wild, intimidating and engaging, free flowing and organic, forged by fire, tamed by hand and thoroughly unique.

I know I will be keeping this treasure for the rest of my natural life.


  1. It is a really beautiful bed frame! Nice find.

  2. It's beautiful!

    I want to change my bed. We purchased it 5 years ago. King size futton low to the ground. We bought it so that Dolly could sleep with us. lots of room and no stress of her falling out of bed. But now I want a bed where I can clean under it and use the area for storage too.

  3. A stunning bed, I love it! And those cushions are beautiful too.

    Sft x

  4. ....It is a stunning bed. I am still gobsmacked at how gorgeous it is.

    FDU Good luck with the bed hunt. I have no idea if eBay will be of use to you up in Darwin. There is an eyecatching bed surround for auction on eBay, but from memory it is in Qld. I found this bed of mine literally after the listing hit the page, I hit buy it now and the rest is history.

    Thanks Sft, I got those little cushie covers at a lovely hotel in East Bali last year.

  5. What a gorgeous bed, not something I would have parted with that's for sure, but lucky for you someone did! :)