Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Pantry in a Strawbale House

I do love my little pantry in my strawbale house. One side of the pantry houses a purely utilitarian Bunnings bought light industrial shelving unit. Nothing fancy about it at all. It houses alot and it does it well. I have no plans of replacing it any time soon.

On the other side there is a gorgeous scrolly wrought iron shelving unit that I acquired from eBay via a florist shop that had closed down. It really is lovely and it suits our haphazard interior design. It stores heaps of my oft-used cooking utensils and cookware that is within easy reach and not stashed away in the back of a dark cupboard.

I must admit that it really is a complete waste of vertical shelving space.....BUT IT IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


  1. I hate my kitchen and it's old chipping and swollen chipboard cupboards. The cockoroaches love it!

    Just this morning I was thinking should I gut one side as a temp solution and get one of those great Bunnings shelves to store my tins and saucepans. And here you are with you food on it!

    One friend has it in their child bedroom and it's stacked up with toys. Easy to see and use. Another friend has it in their office and their books look really classy on it.

    It's a design I love as I LOVE modern industrial looks in homes.

  2. I love those Bunning shelves! We actually purchased another set to use in my linen cupboard which we designed to be 910mm wide specifically to house another of these units. Alas, with all of our render we are about 3mm short of being being able to slide it in. (cue sad face)

    Although I have plenty of other places to put it!

  3. LOVE the wall texture! Was that troweled with a tilers adhesive trowel? The shelves look great and I like the combo of the two. If only my kitchen was big enough...

  4. Phoebe you are so sweet! You should be saying "Daff, you slacker! Get that final coat of render on those walls!"

    Hi Dom!!!! Thanks for the encouragement NOT to replace the scrolly shelves with something more utilitarian and less eye candy.

  5. This is such a beautiful kitchen. What a great storage solution for your kitchen! Beautiful blog!

  6. So cute! Even the old stuff like this can transform into a brand new if you add it with a little creativity. Like the pantry unit i have bought and installit in my kitchen cabinet.