Monday, April 4, 2011

My Left Foot - Heel Spur Update

..the story continues...

Well, I have been heel pain free since my last Bowen session. Could the saga actually be over?

I have been religiously soaking my left foot in a hot epsom salts foot bath for at least 30 mins each evening. I then apply 2-3 drops of copaiba essential oil which apparently has anti inflammatory properties, and RC (I still have no idea what that stands for) essential oil which some claim ¨break down¨ the bony spur. I have no idea how. I have one glass of milk every morning and I continue to do my foot stretching exercises. I have not had one single Voltaren over the last two weeks and I have also ditched the dencorub for the leg muscles.

I cannot explain how all of this has resolved my heel pain, but I can tell you is that I no longer have any heel pain AT ALL. I can wear real shoes again, and being a nurse, that is very helpful. Up until very recently the only shoes I could wear without crippling pain were my beautiful leather short riding boots. All leather, upper, sole and inner and very supportive. They didn´t cause any further heel pain, but they also did nothing to stop that initial walking pain post rest.

I went to work last week and people were commenting on how successful my ¨surgery¨ had been and were marvelling at how quickly I had come back to work....and without crutches!

I had to reassure everyone that there was no surgery involved and that my treatment regime, although very unorthodox, may just have resolved my bony spur issues. I haven´t cracked open the champagne just yet for a full recovery. I still have to rehabilitate my calf and foot muscles. My left calf is almost 2 cms smaller than the right, and I still have a slightly odd gait from almost 6 months of walking/shuffling a la Quasimodo. My ankle has reduced range of movement from simply not being able to move as it normally should.

I had another Bowen session this afternoon, and even my therapist could not believe the transformation since my last session. I wasn´t screaming the roof off of the joint. There was no wincing, swearing or toe curling in response to pain. I actually enjoyed the session right from the start.

I think I see some light at the end of the tunnel. I have been too long in a not very comfortable place.

Daffodil may just have escaped the surgeons knife after all.


  1. That's great Daffodil. I had a friend who had a spur in her foot and had surgery that left her worse off.

  2. That is what I have been hearing all along, the surgery may have to be repeated multiple times. Heel spurs seem to almost be flavour of the month right now. I know of four other people who are currently struggling with them.

    I never would have thought that I could have such a positive and rapid response with my treatment regime. I must admit that I was initially quite sceptical about using essential oils, but my little mind has been opened to their effectiveness.

    I am just very annoyed with myself for not getting an X-Ray of my heel prior to commencing this treatment regime. It would have been interesting to have a follow up X-Ray for comparison.

  3. Great news Daffodil! So glad to hear that you are feeling better and more mobile. It must be so uplifting!
    My mum recently had a bony spur removed from her hip which caused fraying of the tendon, but they fixed it and she is a new woman with a refreshed view on life!

  4. So glad you're not having any more heel pain! That's awesome. Who cares how it works as long as it does :)

  5. Great news on the heel spur front, I am sure there are lots of things you are looking to do again. I have never had a heel spur but have had plantifacitis (the tendons pulling off the bone) and it is extreemly painful as well. My mum who works in surgery advised me that lots of walking up steep hills to streach the muscles in the calves is good for all feet problems.

  6. Good news. I'm pleased you've found a solution. I can totally relate - I had a similar problem from an old injury which came back to haunt me about 3 years ago. Interestingly enough, it was horse related - I was kicked by another horse who kicked out at my horse when I was riding. I tried everything (though I didn't know of Bowen Therapy). What eventually worked for me was acupuncture by a podaratrist. I literally stood up after that and shouted 'I can walk!' (held back on the Hallaleuh). It was amazing. So I know how you must feel. Makes you appreciate the simple art of putting one foot in front of the other doesn't it. Cheers Wendy