Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Note to Self: ¨Unbit¨

I left a comment on Frugal Down Unders blog this morning. One of my usual sophisticated witticisms, and the word verification function asked me to type ¨unbit¨. For the horsey people who read my blog, I thought it was very cute as I have not ridden any of my horses in a bit for more than five years now.

I think that word verification and I shared a special moment together this morning.

Of course, you can fully expect me to freak out if it requires me to type in ¨treeless saddle¨ or ¨barefoot¨


  1. Hmm... what about pigroot? Lol, I can't even spell it!

  2. I've had some pretty freaky WV's in the past and I always make note of them.

  3. It's wierd what comes along isn't it? Unbit is a good one though.

  4. That one was "moodadit". I'd better stop I could keep going all day with this game.

  5. Glad you read and comment on my blog :-) Big happy smile here!
    I get the funniest word verifications too. Looking forward to seeing what this one gets...

  6. It was "belde".

    Oh what fun ... I'm going to get another one now. I promise I wont post it!!