Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daffodil´s One Month of Little Changes...

The end came yesterday. One month of walking one hour a day (sometimes counted as the miles that I walk at work) one month without alcohol (apart from 2 glasses of savvie blanc) and no bread. For one whole month, actually 35 days.

So how did I do?

My jeans that were too tight have now been relegated to the local charity shop. My jeans that I could not even do up are my new jeans, and they are also almost too big. My work pants have gone the way of the dodo as they keep slipping down over my hips. My long black leather riding boots fit again...YAY!

Yesterday Cash and I attended Standardbred Riding Group which came armed with it´s own set of firsts for both of us. Riding in public, riding in hoof boots and riding in an indoor arena for a whole hour in the saddle that my horse loves and I hate. He was a legend. He was quite taken with the large mirrors positioned throughout the indoor arena. At one stage he was trying to force his nose behind the mirror to meet the horse in the mirror. Dag. He moved off of the leg beautifully, he executed perfect square halts. For a horse that has not been ridden in almost 5 months he was an absolute star.

What have I learnt from my one month of little deprivations?

I don´t NEED to drink alcohol, I barely missed it and my bank balance was so much healthier, not to mention my liver!

Bread makes me bloat.

Walking is great for the back and legs.

My ankle held up quite nicely with minimal pain experienced.

Riding horses really is enjoyable.

So for my next month? I quite like the idea of short term changes to reach goals. This month I will

1) Have a riding lesson once a week.
2) Ride the fat, hairy yak at least 3 times per be damned.
3) Walk one hour 3-4 times per week.
4) Go another month without bread.
5) Only one glass of wine no more than three times per week and not a vase sized one!

I did not have a photographer present for my public riding lesson on Saturday...they showed up late. I am more than a little peeved as I would have loved a photo of Cash playing with the mirrors.


  1. Wow! Congratulations Daffodil, that is brilliant!

    I failed and gave up at Day 18 (half way) as the tiredness of the final term hit home.

    But I am inspired to try again once term finishes.

    Hope your new challenge goes well.

    Sft x

  2. WOO HOO! Good for you Daffodil! You're an inspiration! Meanwhile I am getting larger by the day...I miss simple home cooking! Won't be having that for another 3 weeks...

  3. Go Daff, you must feel so happy!!
    Cash sounds like such a happy boy!

    I think I might have to have a month of no /little bread and walking every day... Im into my fat jeans this winter and feel terrible! Thats it. You've inspired me.

  4. Congrats :) I am so proud of you.

  5. You have inspired me! I've taken a leaf out of your book (blog!), and am trying to cut back on my bread intake and am trying to have a decent walk everyday. I had a very good walk the other day; I felt a sudden rush of freedom because I realised I had nothing to do for that hour but walk - no housework, no errands, no messages... just walk... It was wonderful!

  6. Yayyyyyy!!!! Great job Daff! Your hard work has really paid off for you. I'm still too afraid to throw out my fat jeans, especially since I always wear a belt anyway. I really need to go down stairs and pull out all of my jeans and find out if there are any "new" ones that I fit into.

    I can't wait to see how the next month of changes ends up for you. Best of luck!