Thursday, June 2, 2011

When Buying Meat....

We are lucky in that our little town we have a butcher who actively advertises that they sell locally raised meat that is raised in premium free range conditions. We also have a farm set up that also advertises cows and sheep that are kept on pasture. They slaughter and butcher for you and you can purchase a full, half or quarter of a cow or sheep. You can visit their farm and view the living conditions that livestock live on.

So, check out your local butcher, or even talk to a farmer who may sell you a cow for meat and suggest a mobile butcher who will shoot and butcher the cow for you to pop into your freezer.

If you have a small backyard, you could even look at raising chickens of ducks for your meat consumption. Some people keep rabbits for this purpose.

When you raise your animals you have full control over their living environment. You know exactly what your animals are eating and ultimately what you will be eating. If you are nervous of killing and butchering your own meat, enlist the help of a butcher. They can show you exactly how to quickly and painlessly kill your animals and to cut them down into traditional cuts and portions.

My pigs were shot. They stood at the gate with their snouts upturned waiting for their food bucket. They literally had no idea what happened. There was no stress, no torture and very little noise. They died the ultimate stress free death. Isn´t every living thing entitled to that?


  1. Thanks Daffodil, there is a butcher relatively close to us so we will be visiting him soon.

    Sft x

  2. I wish we had the space to raise our own meat.

  3. I bought goat neck from a farmer who had an esky at the local farmers market today! Im so excited!

  4. Hey Dom, do you have room for some chickens? Then you can have your own fresh eggs and maybe meat if you go with a suitable breed.

    Ooh, Phoebe! Goat neck! I had better not tell HH, he loves goat. What are your cooking plans for it?