Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Little Lime

We hosted Christmas last year and requested that we have a present free Christmas. One set of friends was very naughty and presented us with a lime tree. Don´t try and tell me that rules are meant to be broken!

Anyhoo, their lovely and very thoughtful present was duly potted and for the last six months has been hauled around the various microclimes on our property to ensure its first year survival rate in blustery Central Victoria.

The hard slog has paid off with the lime tree sporting one lovely little lime that has survived the punishing winds, the deep frosts and the flaying sun. Onya little lime tree.

...and may you be the first of many more to come.


  1. Oh nice! I LOVE limes, and they are so expensive that I think it's really worth having a tree. Grow forth and multiply little man :)

  2. I love lime.

    A great present. Hope your tree grows many more.


  3. and a lovely lime it is too....I am yet to have limes from my two trees...but I do have 9 lemons soon to pick...and they are my very first Yayyyy...maybe we will both get more next year.

  4. That is a determined lime :)