Friday, June 3, 2011

Did Someone Get the Number of That Wagon.....

I have wagon wheel tracks across my face....they must have come about when I fell off the wagon and it ran over me.

Two glasses of a SPECTACULAR Sauvignon Blanc and I am sitting here posting and feeling more than a little tipsy. I blame work. Running me into the ground and making me feel exhaustimatated and losing my ability to think clearly and make sensible decisions.

We went out for dinner. Delish!!!! Normally we would eat at home, but both HH and I were absolutely pooped. We have not been out for dinner for almost 3 months and we thought...STUFF IT!!! Lets go. So we did, and I had one of glass of wine and then another and then, wait for it, I had a profiterole for dessert! I have never had a profiterole before. It was nice, but very sweet. now I must run after that blasted wagon and get back on it. Thank goodness I allowed 36 days for my month of little changes, although I am thinking that maybe I should start all over again, but there will be no beating up of oneself, there is no guilt, there is no BAD, BAD DAFFODIL. I enjoyed myself and now I am back on track for the rest of the month.

At least I have been keeping on top of the walking and the bread.....

although I am beating myself up over not taking photos of my delish indulgence to share with you!

I had pork sirloin, nice but not as good as Don and Hamelot, on cauliflower puree with steamed green beans and grilled blood sausage. (Dom and Bryce, was that suitably Primal?) Dessert was profiteroles with chocolate sauce and home made vanilla ice cream and berry coulis shared by two. (Definitely NOT Primal!)


  1. Your dinner sounds delicious Daffodil. Well done for treating you and HH.

    I've been giving this small changes challenge some serious thought and I've decided on the following course of action:
    No processed sugar-but if its in food and I don't know about it I'm not going to beat myself up about it.
    Walking-Unless I'm really poorly.
    Healthy Eating-During week
    Smaller Portions-During week
    Special Occasions-NO GUILT you we don't go out very often and work hard so I'm not going to worry about it. Life is too short.

    Those other little changes will make the difference.

    AGAIN THANK YOUR FOR THE INSPIRATION..I'll be going to 32 days as I missed 2 days walking but no sugar has passed my lips. We are off on our weekend - to the seaside where there will be ice creams, chocolate (my parents are addicts) which I will say no to but FISH AND CHIPS I will say YES, YES, YES!

    Have a great weekend and of course before I forget Sauvignon Blanc is favourite and I COULD NEVER GIVE IT UP.

    Sft x

  2. This post has made me hungry for wagon wheels... *wanders off in search of chocolatey marshamallow-y goodness*

  3. Plenty primal ;)

    Also... the Primal thing allows for falling off the wagon once a week :-P