Friday, June 17, 2011

¨I am Paisley¨

Our little boxer girl is Paisley. She is 2 years old and was purchased brand spanking new off of the shelf from a breeder here in Victoria.

For the regular reader there was no doubt a sharp intake of breath regarding Daffodil buying new and unused, but it does happen occasionally!

HH and I love boxer dogs. Paisley was number 4 and Rubin Carter number 5. However, Rubin has had his moment in the blogging sun, now it is Paisley´s turn.

She is a very sweet dog. Very sure of herself and fiercely independent. She is one dog who will see someone walking past and will quite happily abandon us and join them in their jaunt around the block. Everyone around us knows Paisley and very kindly returns her after they have finished their walk. Paisley, unlike Rubin who has lived life on the streets, thinks that the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.

If she gets bored she creates her own fun. That usually means seeking out Drake Ramoray, our Duck, and wrestling with him for an hour or so. Or stealing off to find bits of Don and Hamelot fur that have not been picked up by the birds and chowing down that. She is a charming little creature.

She is gentle with children. She stayed with friends of our while we went away on holiday. Her morning ritual involved waking up at five in the morning and playing tug of war with their 2 year old daughter in the hallway using the cord from daddy´s dressing gown.

As a little puppy, once she was awake, she was awake for the day. HH could be often heard in the darkness of early morning bemoaning ¨WARNING!!!! The jack is out of the box...I repeat, the jack is out of the box¨ while unceremoniously having his ears chewed off by a 10 week old puppy. There were no weekend sleep ins there for a while. She is much better these days.

She thinks that the entire world revolves around her and that everyone is there to love her.

She may just be right.


  1. How cute. I have never really known a boxer but they sound like a good breed.

  2. Hazel, they are a great breed, but they are the clown of the dog world. Nothing is taken seriously and playing is high on the agenda. We have only ever taken one of our boxers to obedience classes. She did very well, however during a drop-stay when we would walk away she rolled over onto her back and tried eating a little cape weed daisy. She didn´t run away but it was still quite embarrassing.

    One thing you never say to a boxer is ¨Good Dog!¨ that is the universal boxer code for ¨run around and act like a wild child!¨

  3. She looks lovely!

  4. I love an independent dog. Haha. She's a doll <3

  5. Aww, I love her white socks and happy tail.

  6. Because of your great post, I smiled at a Boxer dog yesterday and commented how lovely he/she was. I must say the owner did look surprised.

    I used to regard them as scary but you have converted me now.

    Sft x

  7. Hi Sft! Boxers do look quite intimidating, that big chest, muscles on muscles and a fierce looking face. Boxers really do take people by surprise when they realise how sooky they really are. They would much rather play than take life least that is how all of our boxers thus far have been.

  8. Oh your story is so familiar. Such a cute post and pics.

  9. She is very sweet, look at the adoring expression on her face! I love boxers too, the way they play with their paws a bit cat like batting things around (or maybe that was just the boxer I met!!) and how goofy they are. Every boxer I've met has been loving and funny!

  10. I Love Boxers! They're so cute and so much fun to play with. Sounds to me like Herbie and Paisley would be a right bunch of terrors on a play date!