Friday, February 11, 2011

A Cheap Bathroom in a Strawbale house

As I previously posted, our kitchen came off of eBay. It was large enough to fit out the kitchen, bu also had enough cabinetry to install a vanity in our bathroom. I just painted it removed the handles and purchased some new ones, off of eBay...OF COURSE! The lovely tap? Another eBay purchase ($45 with postage), as is the mirror ($100) and the two wrought iron chairs ($80) acting as towel racks.

The basin came from a builders end of range outlet in Footscray ($50) as did the shower rose ($75) and the light was sourced from a company having a closing down sale ($45). The gorgeous art deco door was not a bargain ($395...OUCH!) sourced from a demolition yard in Hughesdale, Victoria, but we fell in love with it.

The tiles were an end of range sell out price ($50 per sqm) and we cut and laid them ourselves. We bought a new tile saw from our tile place ($499) and just sold that same used saw on eBay for $515. Go figure.

Again, as with everything about our house, it is not modern or up-to-the-minute super stylish 2011 so I am not feeling the immediate or in future need to rip everything out and update our interior design to look like a Freedom Cattle-dog house. That is just not me.


  1. This is stunning - love the mirror and the chairs! You've done well.

  2. I'm loving your house tour, love the bathroom door with the porthole window! Ahoy there me maties! :D