Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am a Hippie Horse Owner!!!!

I had previously posted that I had listed another of my saddles on eBay to declutter my life. Well, I had to cancel the listing. Something in me screamed, ¨Don´t let go of this saddle!!!!¨ So I cancelled the listing and kept the saddle.

Today I saddled up the riding horse in his/my very expensive Austrian leather saddle and he wouldn´t go anywhere near the saddle. The stinky eye was in full force. Granted horsey has only just come back into work and his shape has changed horrendously, but to throw the saddle a nasty look....well, I never! I tried saddling him up in said saddle. The ears were pinned back, he was being very evasive on the ground, stepping away from me, so I didn´t go any further with that saddle.

I instead threw a leg over him and rode him bareback. The big swinging walk was back. I had forgotten just HOW big his walk is. My pelvis was being dislocated with every stride. I got off and retrieved his treeless saddle, which I had planned to sell. He stood quietly while I put it on his back, he even leaned into me as I did the girth up. I got back on and rode in this confounded saddle that he loves so much and I hate. Soft, responsive and huge swinging movements. DAMN IT!!! So while he is having a great time in his saddle, my lower back, hamstrings and inguinal ligaments are screaming blue murder.

It looks like my lovely saddle that no longer fits him will be sold....*SOB* and his lovely saddle that tortures me will be kept....*MORE SOB* Gotta keep the talent happy. I am just hoping that with being back in work and re-establishing his musculature that I can get my saddle refitted to fit him again, but knowing how things work, we will be keeping his saddle and I will require traction to realign my musculo-skeletal anatomy after EVERY SINGLE RIDE. Short of taking up yoga, of course! Will someone pass me some lentils?

...and this all means that I am a full blown hippie horse rider, again. Bitless, barefoot and treeless saddle. I had better break out the tie-dyed joddies to complete the look.

Still, all of this goes with the straw bale house, the raising our own happy meat and growing our own fruit and vegetables.


  1. Treeless saddle? I can only imagine something like a jockey saddle - is that what it is? you'll have to post a photo. What a difficult situation, one that is good for your horse is not good for you. I hope he appreciates what you go through!! You are a lovely caring horseperson - should be more of them. I guess it does go with the straw bale house though!

  2. Aweeee, but isn't it fun? Good Morning, Mal

  3. Oh that's just hilarious, what a cheeky bugger! Smart man. Oh well, I'd go bareback except that you get all hairy and sweaty, bugger that. I had a lovely teeny tiny leather saddle that I used in my riding days, I doubt it would be so comfortable now though!

  4. Hah, I can more than imagine! I recently got a treeless for my mule. He loves it, it has really changed his behavior with saddling (no more head tossing and squirming) and he actually wants to trot now. I've tried a treeless in the past that was pretty painful, which lead me to hours of research and in the end a very comfy saddle for me and the mule, horse and donkey (I am able to ride all with it, just a different pad for the donk). If your horse likes it, but you don't, you should check out some other brands. I got a "barefoot" brand saddle + pad and stirrups for about $600 from their web site. There's a lot more listed on "The Alternative Horse: A site for hippies everywhere"

    I guess you just want to watch out for some of the really cheap brands all over ebay, from what I understand a bad treeless is just as bad as a bad treed saddle

  5. Hi Britt! The saddle is a Barefoot London Dressage and he LOVES it. My back simply hates it. Of course, saddle issues are on the back burner for the moment while my riding horse enters a rehabilitation program for Navicular Syndrome.

    I am hoping that the Bowen therapy that I am undergoing will fix my back issues and that between horse and me we can be out riding again soon.