Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Start

Our tomato harvest has FINALLY begun. From humble plantings we have two tomatoes that are ready for the plate. They are not the prettiest, but they smell divine. If our little cherry tomatoes are anything to go by, these ugly tomatoes will taste fantastic.

We almost forgot to photograph their debut in our house. They will be featuring in a salad with falafels and hummus. Tomorrow morning one lucky tomato will also star on a plate with a couple of poached eggs for my breakfast. Considering the lack of tomato talent in the garden, these precious little babies will be greatly enjoyed!

So while there are many of you who are almost snowed under with the weight of summer tomato bounty, we will relish our little harvest and hopefully the other green tomatoes in the garden will follow suit and we will be tomatoed out.

Everyone else out there in blogland might say ¨tomato¨, but we say ¨its about time!¨

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