Monday, February 7, 2011

A Day in the Garden, Flowers, Fangs and Freeloaders

I keep thinking that nothing is happening in my garden as I am busy wondering when my tomatoes will ripen. All consumed by their lack of cooperation, am I. I know that I am not alone in this waiting game.

In actual fact, alot is happening. One of my apple trees is confused. Some blossoms showed up over the last few days with the crazy weather that we have been having. Only on the one tree, however. Go figure.

We have a fanged tomato that is refusing to ripen up with the others. I cannot complain about the lack of consistency across the board. Regardless of imperfections or otherwise, ripening is not high on the tomato agenda this year.

We have a new ¨raised¨ garden bed that we planted up with some donated rhubarb. It was looking a little sickly, but has taken off with the abundant rain and gentle sunshine. I would have taken the time to paint it, but HH got busy with the drill and had it planted up before I could even say ¨Hang on a minute! I want to go all shabby chic on that barrow!¨ So it really ties in with the whole building theme we have going on here. Apparently we have no time for ¨pretty¨ here!

Our Italian Willow was brutally pruned by the horses, but with with the rain and sun has staged a Lazarus. It may just make it! We just have to make sure that we keep them away from it.

We have found an asparagus plant that castawayed from our nursery along with a Greek Oregano plant. Again the sun and rain have nurtured it on its way to establishing itself in one of garden beds. Am I complaining? NO WAY!

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil, those for whom butter will not melt in the mouth otherwise know as ¨The Pruners¨ drool over the apples in the orchard, the carrots in the garden bed and the long grass that needs to be mowed... AGAIN!!! For this photo they were living in the hope that something would magically materialize from the garden for their eating pleasure. AS IF!

So the days go on, the garden enter another phase of life and the tomatoes hold onto their green.


  1. The look of innocence... no? Isn't it amazaing what they can eat and not get sick - I mean I wouldn't have though willow to be on their preferred list. I used to have a horse who would delicately pick the purple flower off a scotch thistle bush, devour mangoes and spit out the seed and other assorted delights. I do like your raised garden - non tres chic - and good luck with the rhubarb. I never seem to get more than a few pale leaves. Asparagus looks great! Cheers Wendy

  2. Those tomatoes are an achievement! I wish I could grow them with fangs! Mine just have what look like giant bottom holes!
    I’m so over the whole green tomato thing. Grr