Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Bit of Decluttering

Hanging out at duchess_declutters blog and feeling the heavy weight of hoarding on my shoulders, I made the decision to start decrapping my life a little. I like to think of myself as a non-hoarder, but if the truth is known I am far from it.

I have three horses, only one of which is a riding horse. Yet I have 4 saddles....AND I only have one bottom! One saddle has already been sold on eBay. A BEAUTIFUL vintage German hand made saddle that did not come close to fitting any of my horses. I held onto that saddle for that for three years simply because it was a masterpiece of saddle making. Almost 30 years old and in exceptional condition, but I couldn´t use it. It is now gone, and while I am missing it´s craftsmanship it now belongs to a horse owner who will USE it and not just admire it.

Another saddle has just been listed on eBay. (YAY ME!) This saddle fits all of my horses, but really does not fit me. I need to crack the pelvis and dislocate both hips to ride in it comfortably. I had not ridden in it for almost 6 4 days it too, will be gone and my life/house/tack/room will be less cluttered for it. It is nowhere near as lovely has my other saddle, so why was I holding onto it? I have no idea.

It is a small decluttering start, but it is a start, nonetheless.

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  1. Oh well done! I know how you must feel - I am an ex-horserider and remember well the feel and the smell of your favourite saddle. I think you've done a very comendable thing - that has to be way more difficult than cleaning out a cupboard. Good luck with the 2nd one.