Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cursive Blue

I am not normally one to indulge in least not in public! However the cursive blue language has just been flowing thick and fast over the last couple of days. I am really pissed off at little sections of the blogging world who it take it upon themselves to personally attack those bloggers who extend themselves, their words, their wisdoms and opinions out on the WWW for all to share, to learn from and to open peoples minds to new and different ideas.

Frugal Queen has just closed down her blog. For those of you who do not know her blog, she lived a life of frugality in order to eliminate her personal debts and she wrote about it in all its non-blazing non-glory. She was very frank, very committed and left no holds barred in sharing her journey. Warts and all. Every cost saving measure, every recipe in depth, every strategy she used she wrote about and shared. She was an inspirational writer. In reading her blog, you shared her journey, you could use what you wanted and ignore what didn´t or wouldn´t work for you. If you never got to read her blog, you have missed out on a generous blogging legend. BUT there are some dickheads out there who for whatever sick reason take it upon themselves to voice their own opinion and personally attack these dedicated bloggers. Rhonda at down--to--earth has experienced it recently and my all time favourite blogger ¨These Days in French Life¨ pulled the plug on her blog a while back as well. I still have withdrawal symptoms from losing that blog.

It stuns me that there are some complete and utter ignomorons who take on self appointed status of blog police and viciously attack bloggers whose only interest is to share information. These idjits obviously have nothing better to do than surf and troll to incite a little bit of excitement into their miserable little dead end lives.


ooo, now I am getting warmed up!!!!

I do take this personally. There are some absolute ripper bloggers out there and admittedly it is through their popularity that their word net is cast over a greater area and they run the risk of snagging a blogging troll.

Stay strong, hit delete, do not feed the troll.

I know this will never happen to me as my deliberate low profile/lack of popularity/small fish status will maintain my cloak of invisibility to trolls.



  1. I'm with you sister! I too have been swearing a bit today too! But in all honesty I was very restrained! ;-D Great blog post!

  2. How sad! The whole point of blogging is to share your story with like minded people. Those who are not like-minded dont have to read! Why don't people get that?

  3. What is a blogging troll? Being new to the blogging world I didn't realise it was possible for people to close you down! Good on you gal, I don't know what is going on but I'm with you!

  4. Hi Mrs Bok! Check out Wikipedias definition on ¨Internet Troll¨ it sums it up quite well. Frugal Queen received nasty emails and comments via her blog and her response to that was to close down her blog.

    My HH has drummed into me that if I ever receive any inflammatory comments to simply delete those comments. I am open to discussion, but will delete comments that are openly inflammatory, derogatory, attention seeking, or downright insulting. People may not agree with your opinion, and that is fine, that is their opinion.

    You do not have to defend your position, you do have the power to delete if you feel it is justified. Your blog is your own, but bear in mind that if you come under troll fire that by closing your blog down, the troll has achieved what they set out to do...illiciting an emotional response from you. In part, this is what the blogsphere is also upset about with Frugal Queen. Far better to delete than self-obsolete.

  5. I can only agree with everything said. Probably delete is the only option. The www is full of losers too it seems who love and hide behine their anonomity. Thanks for bringing this topic up - good post.

  6. Great post!

    I have been lucky so far with my blog, but I guess there are those out there that want to hurt people no matter what!

    My blogging is kept simple with no opinions etc, therefore I am hoping I will not attract the wrong attention...

    Bloggers should be made aware of these not so nice people, and good on you for doing that!


  7. Well said.
    I think that if you feel that you have something to add or just want to let the blogger know you appreciate the time it took them to write then great, and if you want to offer an alternative opinion also ok. But if you constantly harass someone on and about their blog well bugger off and write your own as you obciously have plenty to say and the time on you hands to do so.