Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Spot of Op Shopping.

I could not help myself. I was consumed with getting out and indulging in a little op shopping. I jumped on the internet to search for a community based op shop. I had very recently scoured through my own local so was ready for a fresh new unexplored by me op-shop. I found one in Whittlesea. So into my little car I jumped and off I went on my merry way and no doubt blew a few carbon credits up along the way, as well!

Boy is that a dangerous little op shop!!! There are no Salvos prices here. I came across a pair of bootleg Wrangler jeans, my favourite, for the grand price of $2.50. I just about fell over. They are in great condition and will wear for many more years yet.

I also snagged a lovely crisp white linen Country Road shirt for $3.00. Again, someone pick me up off of the floor and don´t worry about calling an ambulance!

My third little find was a floor length Anthea Crawford black evening skirt for the outrageous sum of $3.00. I have no idea why I even purchased this skirt, but I have a weak spot for anything black and this lovely skirt has a gorgeous fall and floats beautifully when worn. I could I NOT buy it?

This little shop is underpriced, or perhaps, I have simply become immune and used to the higher prices at other opportunity shops.

My little pre-Bowen session op jaunt last week yielded a really nice corduroy jacket for (and I am cringeing a little here) $9.00 and a lovely winter weight flared skirt for $8.00, both from Chelsea Design. Not that I am a label shopper, but the fabrics are just lovely.

Between the two little forays I garnered some really fantastic pieces of clothing. The linen shirt and the black skirt will accompany me on a holiday in the tropics later this year. I love travelling with linen in the tropics. It always looks classy, travels well and breathes beautifully.

I am an out loud and proud op shopper. I have never been a trendy dresser, but I can dress with style for a fraction of the price.


  1. And we want to see you modelling them please! :D
    Isn't opp shopping fun! I'm out later today, we're at a party on Saturday and there's a theme, your favourite 70s outfit, well I was just a baby then!!! lol ;-D So that is my mission today, if I choose to accept it! :D

  2. Yes, we want to see you in them!

  3. HAH! There will be no Daffodil-modelling on the WWW...once it is out there, that is it, there is no stuffing that genie back into the bottle LOL!

    70s party! Uber-fun. You will be Disco-Sue! All you need is a pair of flares, a suede fringed vest, and platforms. All hubby will need is a Hawaiian shirt, wide lapels, huge sunglasses and a to die for moustache.

    I love themed parties!

  4. Ooo Ooo Ooo, I love op shop clothes! You lucky thing, they are really bargains, and such lovely pieces. The jacket is lovely, is it a pinkish colour? And where is the black skirt?? I want details Daffodil!

    When I find a label at an op shop I get shivers down my spine, it's very exciting! So how come the prices were so low? And can I come next time!

  5. I'd say that was a darn good haul Daf. Op shops just aren't what they used to be. Big $$ and all the good stuff gone. I think you're lucky if you can find a genuine one - as have just proved. Well done - everything looks gorgeous. I think the pink jacket is fab and if you had to climb to the dizzy heights of $9, then well spent!

  6. Ali, I have no idea why the prices were so low. They just had handwritten signs on the walls listing the prices. So jeans were $2.50, skirts $3.00 etc. It is a community run op shop, and it was jam packed with items.

    Next time you are in Melbourne we may have to try oragnising an op shop day with some of the Melbourne based bloggers.

    I would have posted a pic of the black skirt, but my camera is out of action and I only have my mobile phone and black does not photograph well.

    Yes, the jacket is a gorgeous dusky pink...I LOVE IT, and is has a softly minted green lining. STUNNING it is!!!

  7. Duchess, (you must have posting as I was posting!) I almost felt ill at forking out that much for one jacket...however, not as ill had I paid full retail for it. The thing I have to keep reminding myself of is that I can actually go wild in an op shop with $20.00 and walk out with some lovely pieces. Put me in a retail shop with $20 and I might be able to walk out with a couple of pairs of socks at best.