Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why do I Blog?

I blog to get some of my thoughts out there where I can easily access them and amuse myself. If someone happens to stumble across my across my words and enjoys for them for a couple minutes that is great! If they score a faceplant out of something on my blog...BIGGER GREAT!

I don´t offer all that much in the blogging stakes. I still use electricity that has not been generated by me. I still drive a car to work as I cannot stomach the thought of using public transport to get across the 80 kms required to get me there. Having said that I have just resigned and taken another job closer to home. Of course, being a country girl that is measured in time and not kilometers! I now have a 40 minute drive reduced from 75 minutes on a very good run.

I live in a strawbale house that HH and I built ourselves with the absolute minimum of subcontractors involved simply because it was cheaper to do it that way. My kitchen and bathroom were mostly sourced from eBay. We have own septic treatment plant on site that deals with grey and black water and being worm based also happily deals with anything organic. The subsequent worm castings are then dispersed underground throughout our orchard.

We grow our own happy meat in the form of the two little pigs that accompany the straw bale house and the chickens that churn our soil and spread the mulch in the orchard from here until next Christmas. Hence their feathery incarceration for most of the daylight hours. They are allowed out to reign havoc for about two hours a day,,,and they do.

However, I still own and ride horses, BUT we have great plans for one of our little clydesdale crosses. He will become our cart horse. I am hanging out for the day when we can simply hook him up with his little cart and drive into town to do those little bits of shopping, pick up parcels from the post office or visit the local farmers market. HH also wants to hook him up to a little plough to till the soil and go all Amish on our little farm.

My blog is not a blog of self sustainability. It is not a blog of thriftiness. It is not a blog on horses, electricity generation, hardcore peak oil or arts and crafts. It is a blog of bits and bobs, sometimes whining, sometimes getting downright outraged and sometimes a pic of something that I found delicious. I am not a diligent blogger, but I do enjoy the writing process.

In the great scheme of things and some of the phenomenal blogs I follow, my blog is really not that great, but it is mine and it is all me. Deranged as that may be!

BUT...thanks for reading.


  1. I like your blog. And as long as you enjoy writing it keep writing your bits and bobs.

  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG DAFFODIL! I feel exactly the way you do about yours. Its a place to share our interests, hopes and passions and all the little bits of fluff that happen in life. I think bloggers like the fluff. The everyday fluff makes it interesting...
    Keep up the great work!

  3. I love your Blog too... I pop over quite often and I am always amused or interested in what you have to say. Your post on " Open Letter to Coriander' has always stuck in my mind, It is one if the best post I have read. Keep up the good work.... :)

  4. As a new blogger I am finding it good for the soul to be able to send my thoughts into the abyss wondering who will pick them up along the way. And I really love that I can wander around reading other peoples thoughts and dipping into their lives for a moment.