Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Swear By Bowen Therapy...

I am a nurse which almost automatically equates to having a dicky back. Nurse for long enough and you can always find future employment as a bell toller.

I am also compromised by owning a heel spur. I am a chiropractors dream. I look like a pretzel as my spine and heel work in perfect unison to contort me into a posture where I look like I could be the actual missing link. Give me arms a couple of inches longer and I could sport a serious set of knuckle dragging callouses.

In desperation I turned to Bowen Therapy late last year for my back. After one session I was walking like a normal human being. Everyone at work commented on my newly reformed posture. I swear that even the guys who review the security camera footage were impressed at my improvement. It was that noticeable. I bleated for weeks about how brilliant I felt. The treatment itself was excruciating as I was so tight, tense and wound up, but oh, the following day and I was back to normal.

My biggest issue is that I refuse to go under the knife to surgically intervene with this blasted heel spur. So I am back at my Bowen therapists and they are working their magic hands on it. I have just been freshly Bowened and essential oiled. I feel fantastic and I smell even better! I have improved range of movement and almost no pain, and that is after just one session.

I am hanging out for the next one now.

And that is just a little boring insight into my life, apologies, but I just had to share, I feel THAT good!


  1. Sometimes we don't realise how much pain we are in till it is relieved! I hope you continue to benefit from your therapy.

  2. Feeling better is good - makes you really appreciate how nice it is to feel 'normal'. I'm not all that familiar with Bowen therapy, but glad it worked for you.