Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Open Letter to Frugal Queen

Dear Froogs,

I stumbled onto your blog a couple of months ago. I had not been actively looking for a frugality blog but there you were. Your words resonated with me. I have been a fanatical op shopper for almost 30 years. I have not been to a hairdresser since 2005 when I got hit for an outrageous sum of money for a second class crooked haircut with an admittedly phenomenal colour. Now I rely on the generosity of anyone who feels they can wield scissors without cutting themselves and I embrace the greyness that is hell bent on Daffodil hair domination. I have always valued my time and cook along the principles of cook now, eat for three days and freeze the rest. I may have actually been a minifroogs already but I still plonked myself down on your coattails and went along for the debt reduction ride with you....however, not once did I leave a comment to let you know that you had another avid follower taking in your words.

That was very selfish of me.

..and now you are gone.

I had actually re-read every post of yours just this last week...and I am glad I did. Thank you for sharing your words and your wisdom, your enthusiasm, your highs and your lows. You and your blog will be sorely missed around the world. I am missing you already. Even this morning I jumped on the internet and googled ¨Frugal Queen¨ without even thinking, or maybe quietly hoping against all hope that you had changed your mind and was back blogging.

Take care of yourself, DB, your gorgeous daughter and son. Stomp that debt out of your life and move into that cute little 2 up and 2 down...I have no idea what one of those are. The really sad part is that a few little nasty trolls have done this and the blogging world will miss you for it.

Maybe one day you will return and blog again, maybe from your new little house and without the debt that drove your first blog! That will show those idjit trolling cannot keep a blogging queen down, frugal or otherwise.



  1. Well said! I've blogged in support of her too.

  2. Very well stated Daffodil!

    I am a fan of FQ too...



  3. I was googling to find out what happened to her and ran across you, thanks for at least some info!

  4. I was trying to find her too!! What happened that she stopped blogging so suddenly? I really miss reading her blog

  5. Can't believe she's gone :((. Many a tasty meal I've cooked from the blog. Reading the blog enabled me to realise I could get out of debt and downsize... Which I now have done. Whatever happens ...hope Frogs is ok. Xx