Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Sea of Green...and A Purple Haze

This year has been a tomato write off. The weather has played havoc with the ripening process that has left me with a field of green tomatoes and not so many red ones. The cherry tomatoes have been the only saving grace for this growing season. The Roma cherries in particular.

I will give the tomatoes another two weeks before I lop them off at the knees and bring the tomatoes in on their vines to hopefully slowly ripen indoors.

I am really liking the idea of a hothouse (HINT HINT, HH!) to avoid further growing disappointment. But as with all things when you are an owner builder, these things take time. There is a backburner, and it is overflowing with things to do.

Having said that, we do have cabbages and some broccoli, so maybe I am not sporting a gardening thumb of death, afterall!

Said broccoli and purple cabbages donated themselves for dinner tonight. Those sporting vegetables that managed to mature despite the appalling growing conditions joined some pan fried free range bacon that crisped up beautifully with a smidge of butter. Also on the plate featured some mashed taties with greek yogurt and black pepper.

The protein was going to be restricted to the bacon and yogurt, but we had two small lamb rump steaks that needed to be consumed before being relegated to the dogs. So I quickly pan fried those and them left them to heat through on the pile of cabbage and broccoli.

The whole lot was then assembled and lightly dressed with some raspberry infused balsamic vinegar and duly photographed for your viewing pleasure!

Rest assured, it was......



  1. I could have done without the meat. but the vegetables look really yummy! It is said so often on the blogs I read...but there is nothing that tastes as good as that you grow yourself!

  2. Your cabbage and broccoli did well to escape the dreaded white butterfly!

  3. Yummo! That broc looks like the romanesco type! Im going to try growing some this winter...
    My mum grew some tomats in her hot house this year but they have a quick season because it gets too warm for them. You could try a cloche tunnel! Im sure you have the room for one and might be cooler?

  4. I'd be pretty proud to dish up that meal. Looks lovely - and wow what a beautiful cabbage! You did well, we never escape the white moth.

  5. I think that maybe the only reason we escaped the white moth is that the ducks run in with the vegies garden beds. We did not net the vegetables or spray them. They outer leaves were certainly nibbled on by something other than ducks, but apart from that nothing.