Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Own Little Piece of Green..... located in central Victoria, with a small strawbale house on it constructed with our own bare hands, and the help of friends and alot of input from eBay. There are some raised garden beds constructed out of left over building materials, overflowing with an abundance of edible plants that are patrolled by two ducks rehomed from high school science experiments. There are rainwater tanks that harvest water from our roof, a chook run that has been furnished from eBay and populated with feathered friends that have been willingly purchased, carefully hatched, or happily adopted.

Three horse faces graze safely in our paddocks, either saved from the horse sales and certain doom, or recycled from the racetrack. Two dogs languish at our feet at night, one purchased from a breeder (never again) and the other picked up from the RSPCA.

Two little piglets fossick about in their run, munching on windfall apricots and, although destined for the freezer, still exist in a happy, slow, free-range life.

We are not hard core peak-oil doomers, we are not fanatical about living a life without mod-cons, but we do have an interest in growing as much of our own food and knowing the conditions under which it has been grown, fed, harvested and produced. We are more interested in produce than products. We still own a car and a motorbike. We also have a tractor for the bigger labor intensive farm stuff, and a horse float for moving my riding horse around.

We are still consumers of todays world but are less consumed by it. We are reusers, fre/recyclers and repurposers. I am an avid op-shop junkie and eBay tragic. Take me to a demolition yard and I can lose myself in there oohing and aahing over what some person disposed of as trash and I can relabel and reuse as my treasure....and I am not the only one out there doing that.

Hence this blog.


  1. Nope you are not the only one. :)

  2. I just thought I'd come back and read your first ever blog post as I was interested in where your little piece of green was, and as it turns out, not too far from where I am. Well your place sounds like heaven!