Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two Little Pigs

Yes, I know, there should be three to go with the house of straw. However we are challenged by available freezer real estate and geography, so two there are. Both little male wessex saddle back crosses destined for a future of pork bellies and roasts. Some out there may cringe at the thought of raising animals to slaughter, but at least we know exactly what our pigs have been eating and their living arrangements. These are happy little pigs. Unlike the majority of pork that lines the meat case at supermarkets and butcher shops raised in hellish conditions.

Those pigs are fed a whole lot of crap at the cheapest possible price to bring about the maximum possible growth rates to ensure the greatest amount of profit at every stage from their birth, to caging, to transporting, to slaughtering, to butchering and to packaging as pork, not pig, but pork. So that the consumer does not associate cute little piggies and Babe with the bacon they fry in their pan for breakfast and can eat without thinking about how these animals existed to supply them with a meal that will last all of 15 minutes. Boycott supermarket pork, people. Rant over.

As for my little pigs, Don (Is Don. Is Good) the little pig and Hamelot the bigger pig, they are living the slow life. They root around in their run, eating grasses, vegetables, fruits and their special pig mix. They feel the dirt on their trotters and the sun on their backs. They sleep in the long grasses during the day and in their custom made Pig Ark at night. They have yet to make a wallow, but with the mild weather thus far, since owning them, they obviously haven't needed it.

Destined for the table they are, but they will have one hell of a good time on the way there.



  1. Beautiful animals, nice to meet ya!

    Take care,

  2. Thank you for being my first commentor!!! The little pigs are gorgeous (and excellent little rototillers) We are enjoying their company, but still bearing in mind their end purpose.

  3. I really want to raise some pigs myself just haven't found any around here and I dislike traveling too far to get some.

  4. Hi Becky! We actually found these pigletss being advertised for sale at our local shopping centre notice board. They were literally just down the road from us.