Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Task for Sunday

My seed collection is an embarrassment. Total chaos reigns. No organisation, seed packets just shoved into a plastic box that groans like an overpacked suitcase that you just dread opening. I am not even thinking about expiry dates here. I just want to tame the beast so that I am prepared for the next planting effort.

Sometimes my enthusiasm gets me into trouble. In my haste to complete things I completely forget about returning things to way that I found them.

My seed storage box is a classic example. Apparently alphabetical order was not an option when returning seed packets to it, and now I am paying the price. This afternoon will be spent sorting, alphabetising and even throwing out empty seed packets that are now doubt in there with the others.

life is all about completing cycles to maintain order. Open the box, take things out, return them to their alloted order. Simple stuff in practice.

My job for today is to restore order. I will update this post later when I have surfaced after completing a long stint of night shifts.

It is now 2:40pm and I have just turned the seed packet collection out onto the table....I am so wishing that I hadn´t.

It is now 3:20pm and I have my seed packets sorted into genus. Now what to store them in so they don´t end up as the feral mess that they were existing in.


  1. Aaah I have the same - a plastic box with a bunch of seeds shoved in - but unlike you I'm too lazy to do anything about it yet! Have fun.

  2. Hi VG, have just woken up with the imminent dread of the task at hand. Firstly have to find HH to capture the photographic evidence of my crime of neglect, then the sorting shall begin.

  3. Oh I didn't realize you had so many seeds!! No wonder you were dreading the task.