Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sometimes I wish I had My Camera With Me

Today was rather warm in Central Victoria. Late this afternoon we decided to take the puppies down to the dam for a swim to cool off. It looked so nice we decided to throw ourselves in, as well. All of the splashing around caught the attention of my horses who came over for a sticky beak.

I wish I had my camera on hand to take a photo of my appaloosa horse picking up my skirt, swinging it around and then throwing it in the dam.

I wish I had my camera on hand to take a photo of my appaloosa picking up my husbands freshly discarded jocks and attempting to the same with them.

Readers, you can thank me for not having a camera on hand to capture a happy snap of a wet, naked husband attempting to shoo off a very cheeky appaloosa armed with nothing more than foul language and a hat.

I am still laughing.


  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, I will be content with the words. Thanks.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon!

    I'd love to have a dam to frolic in on a hot summers day! Alas our creek is little more than a drain and I'm sure we'd end up with a flesh eating virus after swimming in it...

  3. oh I'm loving that photo opportunity - maybe it was just as well.
    Hi Daffodil - I jumped over from Hazels blog. I have to say I'm loving your bantam rooster photo - very handsome Pekin is it? cheers Wendy

  4. Phoebe, the dam is lovely and right now it is still overflowing and soddening the lower paddock. The horses are not complaining as the new growth is apparently delicious.

    Hi Wendy! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, our rooster is a Pekin Bantam. We have just retired him from active duty in is own golden oldie retirement run. He has been a fabulous rooster over the years.