Thursday, January 20, 2011

Queensland and Victorian Flooding

The floods have been devastating. Not having a television, we have been keeping up to date through the internet and through the newspaper, which I read at work (then bring home to start re-mulching the fruit trees in the orchard)

Once again, I am reminded that Mother Nature is not a force to be reckoned with. She is random and can be unforgiving, as we are seeing. What do you do when a wall of water is heading your way? Are you situated high enough that you don´t get flooded out? Can you even get out if you choose to? Do you have enough provisions to eat for a couple of days if you are flooded in? Can you live without power? What about your animals? If you own horses, are they well enough float trained that you can get them out quickly and safely? And where would you take them? What about your dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, cows or sheep? Do they have high enough ground to move to? Would you cut your fences or leave gates open for your stock?

If you had 30 minutes notice to evacuate what would you take, and more importantly where would you go? I do not know of one person who keeps a car packed with provisions that would enable them to evacuate their property that they can just up and leave and not worry about the next couple of days food and water supplies. Let alone important documentation. My own level of preparedness extends to two dogs leads and one rope halter and lead rein for a horse kept in the car. That is it. Pretty pathetic, really. However, the halter and lead rein have come in handy on more than one occasion for horses who have escaped their paddocks and are wandering along the roadsides.

My heart goes out to those who have been through and are going through the flooding disasters. Those who have lost loved ones, stock, pets and livelihoods. These disasters have saddened a nation, but as always, in times of need and adversity has bought neighbours, communities, states and a nation together as a combined helping hand. Onya.

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  1. ooo! I just read your blog and i think we are kindred souls (except I don't have horses or pigs). I am looking forward to visiting often. Hazel.