Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Task for Sunday

The task for today is something that I have been putting off for no other reason than I am in a little bit of a lazy funk.

I really need to repot my cardamom, which since I bought it has sprouted at least 7 pups. Now, that is slack!!!!, I also need to repot my mint. I love my mint, but refuse to plant it inground due to its invasive tendencies. I have a couple of pots lines up to receive these two lovely plants of mine.

Seeing as it will be a scorcher today, I must getting cracking on this task for today before both plants and I melt in the heat of the sun.


  1. Hi Daffodil! I was out early this morning too watering all my little babies (plants obviously) but as soon as the sun poked its head around the Manna gum tree tops I swiftly retreated inside! The sun has so much sting in it!
    I’ve never been able to grow mint in a pot. I just gave up and planted some in the permanent bed with the asparagus and rhubarb and the lack of water has kept it mostly in check. It’s so pretty though when it grows into its large minty adult self...

    I love your blog too by the way. I was tossing up between mud brick and straw bale for the house we will build further up the block because rammed earth will be too much effort and SLOW! We are currently living in a rammed earth cottage built in the 40's and we love it!
    Im looking forward to watching the house progress!

  2. Your cottage sounds gorgeous, Phoebe! We love all forms of alternative building. Straw bale appealed to us as it is a very forgiving building medium for the owner builder.

    It has taken us a long time to reach this stage as we have both been working for the duration of the build. Had we both given up work and hocked ourselves up to the eyeballs, it would have a much quicker although more expensive process.