Thursday, January 27, 2011


There was a little surprise in the orchard awaiting us today. Two little ripe Greengage plums on our second year tree. Suffice to say we ate the evidence before we could get a photo of them, but they were SOOOOOOO delicious. there is nothing like picking fruit straight from the tree and chowing down on its sunwarmed deliciousness. Divine. We are looking to plum tree number two for another mini harvest with drooling anticipation....and I know it is another year off, but maybe some home made plum jam from the next harvest.

I can´t wait!!!!

Next task is start googling to find out if we can propogate from the stone and get a true to parent offspring.


  1. Just the tought of the warm juice running down my chin had my mouth watering. Perhaps your tomatoes have seen what happens to ripe fruit at your place and that is why they are a bit tardy.

  2. We have a lot in common with our farm animals. Love your blog. I am going to follow so I can come back for more :)
    Come visit us sometime at Verde Farm.