Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Walk Bites the Dust

Another day and another walk. My heel feels great and even my back is feeling stronger and not so tight, I feel like I have more energy and there is a definite spring in my step. Could all of these benefits just be from walking?

Actually today was not just walking, but helping a poor driver who got bogged further up our country lane. The kind of mud that you sink up to knees to in your wellies. The thick claggy glue that sucks the boots off of your feet and you spend alot of effort just trying to remain upright. That was a workout in itself. We ended up raiding our building site and hauling it down the road in piecemeal in order to build a road for him to get through on. Dirty, funny laughing work.

He was a very nice gentleman with two gorgeous little dogs. I tell you, the people you meet in little country towns.

All in all, a tiring and muddy day.


  1. I would have like to walk with you. I have not been walking that much lately except for my usual routine to bus stop and school. Really fun playing with mud once in a while. Careless free when we were kids.

  2. What a great neigbour/passerby you are...he really struck gold when you came along.

    So glad the heel feels great and that you're feeling invigorated all over! WHAT AN INSPIRATION YOU ARE!

    Just got back from Walk 2. I feel much more awake now. When I left school earlier felt done in but now I have more energy from being out and about. THANKS FOR SPURRING ME ON DAFFODIL!

  3. Actually the mud was a lot of fun, even if we were both covered head to toe in the stuff. Forget about expensive clay masks for the skin, get into the mud pit that is our laneway!

    There was also the weight training exercise of walking around with 10 pounds of mud clagged to the bottom of our boots. I was almost 6 feet tall there for a while.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about my little changes for the month. I really do appreciate it.

  4. Most people would just walk by, stare, and mumble about how that must suck and keep on going. It's nice to know I'm not the only person who'd stop to help. Good on ya!

  5. Walking is great for you!

    How nice of you to stop and help. So many people would have gone on by.

  6. Hi Dom, I couldn´t leave the poor man there. He literally slid sideways down the ¨road¨ and was bumper deep in mud and was only sinking deeper.

    Our next door neighbour actually got his tractor bogged in his paddock and it was stuck there for near on 5 months. He had to wait until that paddock was dry enough to get a friends tractor in to haul his tractor out.

    We have had a really wet summer and with a laneway that has seen no maintenance in over 6 years it really is a recipe for disaster.

    We used to get alot of foot/cycle/horse traffic down our laneway, now even heavy duty 4WDs cannot get through.

    Yes, the walking is great! At least I can walk on the raised edge of the laneway which is about 2-3 feet higher than the ¨road¨