Friday, May 20, 2011

One Month of Little Changes

I used to love walking. It was easy on the aging knees, the scenery around where I live is lovely.

There are horses who say hello along my 6.5km stretch of country lane. Then I developed heel pain and was unable to walk any real distance without pain, and even more pain the following day. Over the past few months I have barely walked with intent outside of work purposes. My last riding lesson was in March and it was a disaster as I had no mobility through the ankle and my foot would simply slip through the stirrup and I was unable to rectify it. That was just downright dangerous and a very scary feeling as a stirrup would edge its way up my calf. Without intentional walking, no horse riding and being simply unable to work horses full stop, I put on a few pounds. And then a few pounds more. To the point where my jeans actually do not fit me anymore. Forget about thrashing around on the floor and going red in the face trying to squeeze myself into them and then fighting all sorts of laws of quantum physics and laws of energy, mass and gravity trying to do the zipper up. The only equation that was working was;

Daffodil+no exercise+mindless eating = jeans do not fit anymore.

Now that I no longer have heel pain, I have taken the bull by the horns (actually, the runners by the laces) and took my first real walk in almost six months. Yes people, I actually walked my 6.5kms this morning in a very average time of 1:11:30 according to my gps and at an average speed of 5.45kms per hour.

That is not too bad considering my almost total lack of exercise. I used to do that walk in just under one hour flat, so I have a lot of improving to do.

Now for the important stuff for me. No heel pain when walking AT ALL. No heel pain when rolling over rocks on the side of the road to let cars pass by without killing me. NOICE!!!! and even now, hours after I have finished my walk, no pain OR tightness through the ankle, heel or calf. I feel great!

On the bread front. No bread has passed by my lips to settle on my hips.

On the alcohol front. Likewise.

So between no bread, no alcohol and walking one hour a day for one month, we shall see how the FattyDaffy goes in getting back into the top boots and the riding gear.

Small, simple changes.

BTW, YOU CAN DO IT, FIONA!!!! Thanks for joining me on this one month of little changes.


  1. Wow! That's a heck of a walk for just starting back to it. That's just amazing how well your heel did. That looks like a super pretty walk. I tend spend so much time thinking when I'm out walking that I have to remember to watch the scenery!

  2. I actually had to remind myself to take photos, as I usually walk with my head in the clouds too. It is a gorgeous walk, but one whole month of it? We USED to have a lovely walking/horse riding loop around the ¨block¨ until one of our idiot neighbours put in a huge dam and stuffed up the land drainage putting the road/trail under water and leaving it really muddy and dangerous underfoot.

    It spent most of summer submerged....I am dreading to see what it will look like during winter.

  3. Good on you daffodil! Hope it stays well, take is easy and enjoy those beautiful walks!

  4. Sounds like you're off to a great start! Glad the heel pain is gone... and I hope it stays that way. Your country lane is lovely, btw.

  5. Hi Daffodil!
    Just found your wonderful blog and this post has certainly inspired me.
    I have mild arthritis in my knees AND ITS LACK OF EXERCISE THAT MAKES THEM I will join you this month-
    My walk with be 30 mins and a no chocolate or sugary food challenge.

    Sft x

  6. Hope you feel no more pain in the future. It is strange yes when you can't do something you dearly like to do or usual things, we start to appreciate our life much better. Go girl!

  7. Hi Sft! Thanks for stopping by, and I would love to join you on your challenge journey as well. I like to keep things simple, so those little changes may just be enough to guide me through to where I want to go, same as you.

    Hello again Malay-Kadazan girl! Yes, I really missed what I couldn´t do for so long. Now I am back out walking I have realized how much I really did miss it. Thank you for your supportive words!