Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Heel Spur.....

I am calling it. My Heel Spur is no longer bothering me at all. Yep, crack open that champagne, it is over. Months of hobbling hell, screaming achilles tendon pain, unable to wear shoes and at times unable to ride my horse and sometimes having to take time off of work all because of this blasted heel spur shredding my achilles tendon.

No surgery required. I took on Bowen Therapy and essential oils and beat the effects of the bony prominence into submission.


...and now for the not-so-yay.

I put on weight through not moving around so much. My jeans are WAAAAAAAY to tight and right now I am looking at going up another size. EEEWWW! Muffin top!!!! My top boots are also almost muffin topping my calves. Double EWWWW. There is far too much Daffodil to be forcing into riding jodhs. It is not a pretty sight and certainly not for the faint hearted.

Something must be done and today I start. I no longer have the effects of a heel spur to cultivate my laziness. I have to get this spreading Daffodil moving and losing it.

I already know what my weaknesses are. Bread. I love bread, so no bread for me for one whole month, which of course immediately reduces my butter intake. What is bread without butter? (actually, it is still delicious!) Alcohol. Oh how I love you Shiraz, but you cloud my judgement and leave me eating mindlessly. Goodbye alcohol for one month.

Hello walking. One hour every day, rain, hail, shine or frost. This I really do need. My walking gait is still somewhat impaired from inactivity and the only way to restore that is through meaningful activity. What better way than walking?

It all starts here and it is starting now.

Bye Bye FattyDaff. Hello top boots!!!!


  1. Good luck! I need to join you! I couldn't live without bread and butter!

  2. Morning Phoebe! I am just walking out the door for my walk. Chickens have been fed, ponies have been played with, dogs have sprinted around the paddocks and I have spent far too much time reading posts this morning.

    Ack! I have been using this heel spur of mine for far too long as a reason not to exercise. NO MORE!!!

    See you all when I get back. Of course, if I don´t you know I will have collapsed and have been carted off to hospital.

  3. Good on you, one month without bread would not be easy for me but is definitly something I should do too. The alcohol part I would manage a bit easier because as much as I love a good wine I ofter suffer headaches from all the preservatives so it has to be worth it. Walking an hour every day is something that both Jessie and I need and since she was de sexed I have gotten out of my routine. So what soes all this mean.....
    I will support you and join you on the 1 month no alcohol, no bread and 1 hour of walking a day.

  4. Oh Phoebe, I am hearing you, but the B & B just goes down to easily and before I know it three slices of some delicious bread slathered with the most amazing butter from over Donnybrook way has snarfed it´s way into my digestive tract and wobbled straight onto my hips. I need to learn some restraint with the bread and butter. It is probably the easiest thing to remove from my daily caloric intake without giving up on life completely.

    Oh Fiona, you are a legend! This could be the month of giving up the ¨b´s¨ booze, bread and butter.

    Walking post to show up sometime tonight.

  5. This will end just before I head off to NZ for my Dad's 60th and a big party. How convienient.

  6. You do make me laugh - fattydaff -lol
    I totally hear what you are saying, when i was riding i had to buy those extra wide high boots my calves were like aliens to any normal boot. Good luck with the walking.

  7. ..and for me it will be just in time for my first in public riding outing with my horse Cash in his new boots and my new ones too.

  8. Thanks Nix! Good to see you are back on board after a rough few days.

    I am also having a giggle over ¨fattydaff¨ although I am also leaning heavily and bulgingly towards ¨fattydaffy¨

  9. Great to hear that you managed to work out your pain without needing surgery or heavy prescriptions.

    You can do it!! Going grain free did wonders for me :) I have the same issue with wine loosening me up and making me more willing to "just have a little" bread/pasta/chips/sweets.

  10. Glad to hear that you are okay. It is really hard to have something like that.
    what is heel spur