Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Five Rain, Wind and Op Shopping

Day five is over. My walk was interesting. I started out dry with the windswept look. I ended the walk saturated and looking very drowned ratty with wind blasted red cheeks. I thought I had enough of a break in the weather to get my walk in. Boy, was I wrong. Still, a little water is not going to kill me. It is not as if I am dry clean only.

Still going strong on the no alcohol Daffodil policy and still no bread (or flour products)

Dinner tonight was a pumpkin, sheeps milk fetta, onion and pea baked frittata and in true Dffodil style, there are no photos!!!!

Having had a day off to today and with the uber-crappy weather, I hit the op shops. A vintage black velvet opera coat *GASP* with a gorgeous apricot fringed coverlet that I will use to line it. Another jacket for me and one for HH. I also found a gorgeous soft pink jumper and the standard pair of black pants. I also scored 4 daffodil yellow dinner plates and bread and butter plates. EEEP, I won´t be able to use those little plates for a while.

What would a post be without pics?


HH has purchased me a camera which should be arriving any day now. I may even use it. Or not.

My heel is still holding up to my walking regime and the amount of walking I do at work. WOOHOO.

I will also let you in on a little secret.

My jeans are already sooooo much more comfortable.


  1. Daffodil, well done for another excellent walk? Sounds like the most challenging so far with that horrible weather! BUT YOU DID IT!
    Obviously your jeans are proud of you too!

    Your dinner sounds yummy!

    May I ask what an op shop is?
    Sounds like you've found some real treasures today and one of my weaknesses (under control at the moment but who can tell...) is pretty things for Afternoon tea. I restrict myself to searching in Charity shops and I still find lovely things.

    Hope the weather is better for you tomorrow. I've just got home from school, had a bite to eat and now I'm off for my walk.

    Sft x

  2. Meant to hit the !!!!!!!!!!!!! mark in my first sentence. OF COURSE IT WAS EXCELLENT!

  3. I want photos of your finds!

  4. You will just have to wait until I am psychologically prepared to find and learn how to use a camera.

    Although I am just about to step out and visit the post office to pick up the camera HH purchased for me in an effort to pictorialise my sad little blog.

    I have already planned one of the first photos that I will take, and it will be dedicated to you, Dom. It will be a Daffy point of view through the ears of my standardbred, Cash. Of course, as I am height challenged, that will no doubt mean that I will have to climb on his back to take.

    Oh, how I suffer for my art!

  5. I agree with Dom I totally want photos of your find! I've been meaning to hit up a couple of those by me again as I haven't been in so long.