Monday, May 30, 2011

Daffodil´s New Little Camera

HH purchased me a new camera seeing as my blog has been proudly photo free for the last few weeks. Not that I am fussed. Although to some a picture may be worth one thousand words, as John McCarthy quipped ¨According to the Chinese 1001 words are worth more than a picture¨

So what did geeky HH buy me? He just spewed out all of these numbers and words that made my head spin but I am guessing that it is a camera!

It is actually a Canon S95 in utilitarian black. I was hoping for fire engine red or passionfruit swirl, but black is fine, I guess.

So I opened up the parcel checked to make sure a camera was inside and then went about my daily business. HH got home made a beeline for the camera and has been busily playing with it ever since, taking shots, photoshopping and goodness else what you do with cameras these days.

I am sitting here posting and I throw a quick query to HH ¨Does it come with headphones?¨ I figure that if my mobile phone can take photos, place calls and replace my iPod, then surely this little camera would be issued with headphones, at the very least.

Nope. It is just a camera. How disappointing. Don´t tell him I said that.

So about my little phone, oops, camera. It is tiny. It fits easily in my Daffodil sized pocket. According to HH it has excellent photo quality, it allows me to have control over my photo taking if I wish with manual mode or if I am lazy, as Daffodils are rumoured to be, then there is auto mode.

HH is quite take with my camera. I am still a little bit miffed that it does not come with headphones.


  1. LOL at your post Daffodil.

    I hope you quickly learn to love your camera and treat your followers to lots of lovely shots, esp of the beautiful countryside where you live.

    Cameras and computers on a need to know basis are as far as I get..Mr SFT is a complete techie so I'm a bit lazy in that respect.
    We are however saving for a new camera for Africa for next year so we can take the best pics.

    Have a good rest and few days off.

    Sft x

  2. I just hope that you can wrestle it away from HH!

  3. You, my dear Daff, are a laugh riot.

  4. Yayyy for new camera!!! I hope to see many new pictures popping up all over :)