Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Search Thus Far....

Recently I wrote of the demise of my beloved black purse.

Now begins the tale of replacing her.

Sometimes it is real drag being a crazy op shopper on the hunt for something specific. Daffodils Law stipulates that as soon as you want something second hand you shall never find it. I don´t think I have spoken a truer word. All I want is a purse. Of course, not just any purse will do. I mean lets face it, I have just laid to rest The Perfect Purse. It was a purse that slotted into my hand perfectly, its soft wells and troughs formed by my hand so intrinsically a part of me. The union of hand and purse so perfectly matched that aside from colour and texture we may well have been as one. Spiritually and chemically bonded.

The first purse I stumbled across was a red leather purse almost brand new. YIPPEE!!! Completely unmarked leather, smelling freshly tanned and probably sweated over by a small child in a third world country mindlessly purchased by someone and then just as mindlessly fell out of love with and relegated to the op shop.

...and now it was mine. Gleefully I put all my valuables into it and started on the long path of working, nay moulding this purse into my own.

My effort lasted about one week.

I hate the purse. It has an awkward closure. It is difficult to secure, and even though I spend an extra moment to ensure that I have closed it properly the stupid little press stud does not always catch.

I can see why this almost new purse was donated to an op shop....because it is next to useless! It will be taking a one way trip back to the op shop where someone with more patience than me will tolerate the dodgy press stud.

Purse number two was found at The Savers store in Mill Park. It is a fairy floss pink crocodile print leather, smaller in stature than The Perfect Purse. Upon opening I just about fell over at how many card holding options there are inside! My black purse could hold 4 different cards. This purse can hold about 20? Who has that many pieces of plastic? I have my ATM card, medicare card and drivers licence. In permaculture terminology I have plastic deficit to be owing this purse. Look, don´t get me wrong, it is a cute purse, but it is more for someone in their early 20ś with a plastic fetish and not someone of my vintage sans plastic.

I thought I could learn to love this purse. Alas I cannot see a future for us.

On MOnday, while stumbling around Bendigo purchasing rubber sheeting (get your mind out of the gutter peoples, it is for lining Cash´s new hoof boots!) I fell over an op shop that I had not been to before. Tucked away on a side street. Quiet and organised. Very helpful and pleasant staff. I found a gorgeous riding shirt for me, business shirt for HH and a basket to carry it all in. While standing there waiting for the shop assistant, my eye fell on a purse....

Deep burgundy patent mock croc leather. Noice.
Open it up. Space for 4 cards. Big tick!
Compartment for my folding money that I do not have to fold....big tick.
Quick snappy closure that is in perfect condition for my coinage...big, big tick..Oh, I think I am in love!!!

I purchased gorgeous new purse, got home and once again set about slotting my important bits into it.

I hate this purse as well.

The card compartments are too small for cards!!!! WHAT THE?!!!

Who manufactures a purse that cannot hold a drivers license? Or allows you to easily and deftly whip out the ATM card and just as easily slide back into its spot? Not Mellini, that´s for damn sure. They have NO IDEA how to make a functional purse. They make great looking purses that are useless.

The search continues.


  1. Oh Dear. Cards that don't fit purses that don't close how did it become so hard. I wish you the best of luck in your search.

  2. nothing to do with your purse..but we used to live in millpark about 14 years ago

  3. Oh yes, I understand the search for the "one"... I am like that with purses and handbags... and I am pretty sure that they have to want to be found... and when you do... you'll know.

    I recently felted my own handbag, and it is so much so the "one", in size, colour, feel, and general funkiness, that I despair because when it dies (and it will, I know that only all too well), I'll never be able to make the exact same one again.

    Oh the agony of perfection gained.

  4. Now I'm fairly in touch with my feminine side but I almost skipped over this post. I'm glad I didn't, very amusing and very well written. I wish you the best of luck on the search for your new purse!

  5. LOL you know I use a man's wallet or my glasses case :D My purse search has never ended either!