Monday, May 30, 2011

Days Nine, Ten and Eleven.

Jeepers! Where has the week gone? It may be Monday (it IS Monday, isn´t it?) for the rest of you but for me it is the beginning of my weekend. Being a shiftworking nurse means I take my weekends when they come. Some weeks my weekend is one day, other weeks it can be five days.

However, I am still walking around the block AND covering huge distances at work. My work pants are almost falling off of me, I am giving them another 2 weeks or wearability before they fall into the embarrassing stakes of having me step out of them completely and leave them behind when walking.

Still no alcohol. Working shifts helps alot with that one. I have a strict no drinking when working policy anyway. The more I work, the less opportunity I have to partake of an alcoholic tibble.

I am still bread and flour product free, even with my little yearning for a scone at work the other day.

So, I am feeling fine, swimming in my work pants, hauling my jeans on and off without unzipping them and my heel feels great.

I am enjoying my little month of little Daffy changes!

...p.s...and my new camera FINALLY arrived.

I may just take a picture or two....or not!


  1. Good for you Daff! You are so good, and you make it sound so easy (when it's not!). That's fantastic that just a few changes have made such a difference. You must start including some photos now you have your new camera! cheers Wendy

  2. Hi DD!, It has actually been far from easy. I am a bread junkie. I love it. It is the basis for one of my favourite meals; the humble sandwich. I will quite happily throw anything between two pieces of bread and chow down on it.

    ..and then HH will without even thinking grab slabs of jarlsberg cheese, slap some bread around it and pop it on the toastie sandwich maker...and I just stand there, drooling and dreaming of what could be. However I can never stop at just one of anything. If one is good then two is great...and three, you can talk me into that as well.

    I simply love food and with having my dodgy heel the weight went on too easily. I don´t like diets, but I can make little changes. One day, when I am all growed up I may learn to be responsible with my bread intake.

    For now, No bread for Daffodil.

  3. I absolutely agree with you Daffodil-'I don't like diets, but I can make little changes'. What a fantastic quote!

    My little changes are going well too..I've kept up the walks (and with go out today, even with this summer cold, lurgy that I've caught) and I haven't had any processed sugar/chocolate for a week. I have felt wiped out at times you think that is the sugar leaving my system (I can eat a lot of sugary food at one sitting?).

    Also I have been thinking about how sugar can be put into other types of food now..alcohol being one of them, lempsip-flu remedy being another. To be honest I'm just thrilled I'm giving up the chocolate, sweets, cakes etc...and like you I have been tempted at work by Millionaires shortbread, chocolate cake but some sweetheart put strawberries nearby so I didn't miss out. I've really started enjoying my fruit more too. I don't think I've lost weight as I haven't cut back in other areas but I think I've started with the biggest one..don't they say sugar is a silent killer?

    Anyway enough waffle..


    Sft x

  4. Yay for Daffodil! It's a great feeling to undergrow? ingrow? pants isn't it :)
    Sounds like you're very much on your way to feeling better and that all the changes you're making are really really helping out!