Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walking on Sunshine - Days 7 and 8 One Month of Little Changes.

Walks done. Todays was completed in the sunshine, then it clouded over. Noice timing, Daff. Bread avoided and this was a tough one as there were scones with jam and cream for afternoon tea at work yesterday. AAAAHHH! I love a scone, although being a non sugar baby, I love them just warmed through and slathered slathered with butter, preferable organic, and even more preferably from a little producer about 30kms from where I live. Dangerous and delicious.

Daffodil has remained an alcohol free zone.

Keeping it short and sweet for today as I am being a busy little Daffodil.


  1. Butter makes everything better! That's a true fact :)

  2. Mmmm! Butter! Lots of butter! Mmmm!