Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Six Walk FattyDaffy´s Month of Little Changes

Another walk under the belt, or is that from the belt?

It was really icy cold when I started, by about half way through the walk I warmed up which of course meant that my nasal passages had thawed and the sniffles started. EEEW.

Lunch will be tofu, mushroom and wombok cabbage soup with plenty of chilli.

Dinner will be leftover pumpkin, feta, pea and onion frittata with some roasted vegetables.

Still no bread on the horizon and no alcohol.

When I started my month I thought that ¨No bread and no alcohol makes Daffy something something¨ repeated ad nauseum.

You know what? I am not missing them at all, but it is only Day Six.

Walk on.


  1. Thanks for coming by to see my blog and for following me! I am so intrigued by the no bread and walking thing! We are home making bread and so it is a real danger in this house - too much bread.. hmm. not sure. maybe I will give up something else instead! hope it goes well for you. The walking seems good - perhaps I will go there!

  2. Hi Daffodil.
    Well done you on walking in that chilly weather.

    Just got home from school and its a beautiful evening.

    However I've got woman's troubles (monthly) and my head is throbbing too BUT I AM GOING OUT FOR MY WALK BECAUSE YOU DON'T MAKE EXCUSES SO NEITHER AM I ! with luck this will be the only pain I have this month.

    Sft x

  3. I'm doing ok with the walking and have increased distance. Now walk for one hour + a bit. Broke the no alcohol rule here last night - had a good excuse though (State of Origin football!!). Go Qld!! I hasten to add that it was only 2 glasses of wine.

  4. Oh Duchess! There are no rules to break! This little month of changes is entirely dependent up to you. You may feel that you have 5 alcohol free nights for a week. Individualise it to suit you.

    But thanks for your support, as well!

  5. Why haven't I thought of cooking with pumpkin?

  6. Yay!!! Great work with keeping away from grains and alcohol :) I've been doing it for months now (since May) and it's been positively great for me.