Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Paddock to Freezer.

Dom and Hamelot, my wessex saddleback pigs, are now in the freezer. HH could not help himself and had a pan fried pork steak for dinner last night. His report: ¨Excellent succulent meat¨, he really enjoyed the it. He did admit that he misses our little pigs. I mean lets face it, Don and Hamelot were a part of our little farm. However, as meat eaters, we are taking responsibility for our meat intake and that means raising and nurturing our own animals for our own consumption.

Now our two little pigs are reduced to a pile of now frozen steaks, roast, chops and ribs. I am very mindful that that pile of now meat were once living, snorting, roto-tilling pigs that lived in our paddock. Our pig meat is not some product of intensive inhumane farming practice....and now they are in our freezer. Don and Hamelot lived a free and valued life. Now they will still be valued and mindfully enjoyed as we slowly roast, grill and fry our way through their bounty.

You were and still are cherished pigs.

Thank you, Don and Hamelot.


  1. We have a programme called Countyfile in the UK and last week one of the presenters, a farmer, was telling a couple of agricultural students that you can still love your livestock..

    Best Wishes SFT X

  2. Get Up Australia is currently trying to stop live exports from Australia due to the extreme cruelty to animals. Google - Get Up Live Exports to see the clip they are showing this week. But brace yourself - it's heart thumping and upsetting.