Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Quick Little Update.

Three days so far, and three walks done, plus walking my hooves off at work. No alcohol and not really missing it. No bread, still going through bread withdrawal especially when HH fires up the toasty sandwich maker and squishes jarlsberg cheese in between 2 slices of a gorgeous dense whole grain loaf and then toasts that toastie to delicious toastiness!!!

THEN I skip on over to Alisons blog where she beguiles me with Tamarillo Cosmopolitans and Wickedly/Quite Healthfully Chocolate Chestnut Spread and don´t even get me started on Bryces Primal Chocolate Coconut Crepes....

It is all doing my head in.

My heel is still a happy camper, so I am, too.

...and I met the most GAWJUS 11 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Bess (and her lovely owner) while out on my morning walking in the rain this morning.

No, I don´t have pics because I am a lazy blogger and I was having far too much fun playing with a very cutesom puppy!


  1. Food blogs are the hardest to resist...

  2. Ok I see- you've thrown down the gauntlet and put out a challenge eh??! I will be in it too by crikey. I walk everyday anyhow, but will aim to increase the pace a bit. The alcohol... hmmm. Bread and butter can do. Ok - it can only do some good. My month will start tomorrow. No - seriously, tomorrow as in Monday 23/5. cheers Wendy

  3. Hi Daffodil.
    Have written about joining your challenge on my blog so I'll get a bit of support. About to go out the door into the wind for my first walk.
    It's very windy and hopefully the rain will stay away although I'm sure they'll be days when it doesn't :(
    Having no processed sugar is like no bread for you. I'm addicted to chocolate and have no resistance to all kinds of bad food when I'm tired. Still that tiredness won't happen until Wed onwards so I have time to hatch a plan.

    Glad others are joining you too!

    Good luck everyone!

    Sft x

  4. Hi Duchess! I didn´t even mean for my one little month to be a challenge! It was just me, as I do, rambling on about what is going on in my life and making the decision to change something.

    However, you are more than welcome to join the unofficial one month challenge.

  5. Hi Daffodil, Thanks so much for the shout out! I feel your pain with food blogs, I have probably 3 that I look up daily, but specifically right after dinner so I can appreciate the food without drooling and begging. I got to play with a fantastic little pitbull puppy when I was picking up food for Herbie over lunch. It was like looking back in time at her from a few months ago. Except this puppy was easily as tall as herbie but he was all legs.

  6. Hi Bryce! I am going to have to start looking at my foodie blogs after dinner as well. To much reading about food before meals does leave me vulnerable to temptation and yes, drooling and you might as well throw some crying in there and maybe a few drama queen moments to cap of the whole saga.

    I ALMOST wish that I did not love food as much as I do.

    ..and don´t get me started on puppies! I was seriously tempted to tuck the gorgeous little Bess under my arm and do a runner. The only trouble is her owner knows where I live and I have not done any running for years. I probably would have made it about 20 yards before going into cardiac arrest.